You have Triplets – So What?

Im feeling a little run down today – not emotionally but physically. I think the HARDEST thing in the world to do is take care of 4 sick kids when you yourself are sick. I just want to sleep – but other people depend on me, you gotta just keep going, and going and going … Continue reading

I have a lost tooth

I was sitting downstairs around 7pm recovering from a day of triplet duty and updating the website for an awesome sale we’re having today *we had last weekend*( check it out FB1000 gets you 35% off everything) when I saw the kids bathroom light go on. I didn’t think much of it – Bradley … Continue reading

Uh Oh – Am I Old?

I’ve been feeling it lately – it’s creeping up slowly, but I find myself in random places where I think- geez am I old? .. Last night was one of them. We went to the Spa Nordique, and I was surrounded by young girls in string bikinis. Trying to cover up my 16 month post … Continue reading

I can’t take much more screaming

WOW!!…Today has been one of those pull your hair out kind of days. Lets see… 9am – I found Alanna’s jaw clenched around poor little Laurens finger, she was bitting so hard her head was shaking, I was honestly expecting to pull half a finger out of her mouth, my legs were ready to make … Continue reading

T minus 11 weeks

I like to think that we’ve been adventurous for people have four kids, three of them being the same age. We’ve done things with them that make people think WOW you’re crazy how did you do it? We’ve gone out for breakfast with them when they were just 4 months, we’ve brought the whole gang … Continue reading

See That House?

This is the house I’m talking about……………. That’s what it feels like at my house – … I think our house would be the white one closest to right- and there’s Keith and I standing outside – it appears I’m wearing a dress- highly unusual for me, as Im now president of the yoga pants … Continue reading

A vente

I have to vent. I’m in tears right now. I’ve had a hair disaster it’s bad. Really bad – it looks horrible and so I feel horrible. I’ve request the help of my facebook/twitter friend who rock by the way – and I’ve found a new hair studio where I’d like to get my locks … Continue reading

Cooking Adventures

Feeding 4 kids and 2 adults on one salary is a task! .. It take planning and budgeting, it tough – food is EXPENSIVE my oh my! So I’ve decided to become frugal with our grocery budget, it turn we’ll become healthier as well too. No more prepared foods. Everything is prepared by chef mom! … Continue reading

Book Love

This past week was national literacy week. I think it’s great “week” to generate awareness about the subject, but I really think that reading should be a part of every childs everday life. Our kids love books. Really it’s one of the only thing that’ll calm all my kids down at one time. We read, … Continue reading


I love blogging, and Im so happy to be back at it this year. I have a few resolution for my blog so bare with me as I impliment them! 1 – Clean fresh new look I’d like to organize the blog abit more, make it more than just simply reading, I’d like views to … Continue reading