I have a lost tooth

I was sitting downstairs around 7pm recovering from a day of triplet duty and updating the www.spoiledsugar.ca website for an awesome sale we’re having today *we had last weekend*( check it out FB1000 gets you 35% off everything) when I saw the kids bathroom light go on. I didn’t think much of it – Bradley was in there – all of a sudden I hear hysterical cries. Not like a sappy 14 year old girl watching a love movie, or even the shreek of a 7 year old boy getting a game system for Christmas it was like a … I just found my hamster dead in the toilet with an eyeball missing from the cat kind of scream. It was horrible. I went rushing up and through the sobs all I can make out is “I.. I .. I … haven’t been to the dentist in a long time…and .. and.. and now my….I shouldn’t have ate the Valentines day treats you made me…and now Im.. Im…my teeth are loose”…

I could help it – I was slightly hysterical with laughter. I had to make several fake phone calls to calm the fears. All he could keep repeating was ” I have a lost tooth, my tooth is lost”. No Bradley’s no dim kid – he knows grammer quite well, but I think in his hysteria he literally had no idea how to speak anymore, yes the crying was THAT bad….

1st phone call was to the imaginary dentist. He assured me that Bradley isn’t due for a check up, that children only go once every 6 months and his scheduling was perfect. He also assured me that Bradley does an excellent job brushing his teeth – Brad bought it – but it still didn’t reassure him enough

2nd phone call – the tooth fair, the fairy explained to us that Bradley was scheduled to loose his tooth in the next few weeks and everything was normal. She also promised to come and leave a sexy 5 dalla bill for him

Depsite all my attempts he still bawled his eyes out. For at least a good 4 hours. Keith was about to go through the roof. The poor kid.


  • Picking up this blog after 4 days of trying to get this published – because we’ve all been sick with the cold – sigh. Needless to say – I nice way to sum up this blog post is that despite this post being finished FOUR days after the initial crying from the loose tooth. The tooth is still in his mouth, and he was still crying this morning. No – Im not kidding.


3 Responses to “I have a lost tooth”
  1. KL says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Ok poor Brad… I shouldnt laugh but… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Paula says:

    He is such a sweet sweet boy.
    Katrina gets 5$ a tooth too and people always tell me its too much. She was the only one in her class to have NO missing teeth. In August 2010 she lost her first one… in December she lost 3… in 2 weeks!!! Tooth fairy was goin in the hole lol (jk)
    HI5 To Brad for his new experience.

  3. Lara says:

    Oh, poor kid!!

    Your tooth fairy pays well. I was just explaining the tooth fairy to Kiernan the other night and told him how the tooth fairy gives you 25 cents a tooth 😉

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