I can’t take much more screaming

WOW!!…Today has been one of those pull your hair out kind of days. Lets see…

9am – I found Alanna’s jaw clenched around poor little Laurens finger, she was bitting so hard her head was shaking, I was honestly expecting to pull half a finger out of her mouth, my legs were ready to make a mad dash to the ice machine to put the finger on ice in hopes of saving it. Not sure if that would work? Seems to in the movies. A little ice, kiss, love (a time out) and the damage seemed to be under control….bring on 10:30am

10:30am – we’re in the office where we have high wing backed chairs that the babies love to sit on … or today play superman off of. For whatever reason Benjamin decided that standing on the arm rest looked like fun. Completing one full sumersault before landing on the hardwood floor beneath him – not quite as fun. IT was on of those things, that you watch in slow motion and no matter how hard to try to get your arms there to catch them, it just isn’t fast enough. Superman landed on his face – not quite so much fun when your face breaks your fall onto hardwood. There’s a little battle bump on his forehead… poor superman….Enter…11:00

11:00am – Just minutes after calming ex-superman down I notice he’s broken out from head to toe in awful hives. Im not sure what caused it – but we did have butterscotch pudding for the first time today – ..maybe something in the food dye.. any thoughts?

Poor little fella – as of bedtime the hives seem to be all gone except one one his leg. Bring on 12:30pm

12:30pm … My kids were pretty early to master the stairs. It was a priority for me as I always had to make double the trips up the stairs. By 8 or so months they could reliably go up and down stairs alone. So now at 15 months they’ve decided it’s high time that the be walking down the stair like adults. Im sure I dont have to elaborate much more. It was only 3 stairs but again the hardwood was visited by a thump.

I’m not sure how we escaped the day without a hospital visit. Speaking of which – my last visit to Cheo (it’s been quite awhile now oddly enough) I noticed they have something like 15 parking passes for $45.00 if you pre pay – Im sure we’ll make good use of that. Paranoid momma + 4 kids = money well spent!

Time to soak in a bath – but before I go some exciting Blog facts!!… Yesterday 300 people came to read about the possibilities of me throwing my kids out of an airplane whoot whoot – I really really appreciate all the comments and will respond soon!…. and more exciting yet – this is my 100th post!!! 🙂

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