Cooking Adventures

Feeding 4 kids and 2 adults on one salary is a task! .. It take planning and budgeting, it tough – food is EXPENSIVE my oh my! So I’ve decided to become frugal with our grocery budget, it turn we’ll become healthier as well too. No more prepared foods. Everything is prepared by chef mom! Im going to share with you what we made today!.. But before I get there lets get to the fun part. My kids love slide – I bet every kids does but there’s something about slides that entertain my kids for HOURS! … I found the cutest slide today – and what a score $40.00 from used Ottawa!

Benjamin was much more cautious of the slide than the girls, he tends to always be more the cautious one of the bunch – he did get the hang of the slide by mid- afternoon J

After the fun of the slide was over (well my fun!.. They could have played all day) it was time to get to cooking, I literally cooked from 1 until 8 today NON stop – here’s what’s on the babies menu!

What I made starting from top left working right.

1 – Quiche, made with organic eggs, cheese, ham and broccoli – I couldn’t find any organic pastry shells – if anyone has any thoughts let me know – but just the same they were yummy!

2- Organic beef, with broccoli and elbow noodles – tossed in a little four cheese tomatoe sauce – topped of with broiled cheese when served ( the babes love this dish!)

3 – Sheppards pie, I got a little creative and threw in a TON of veggies – the potatoe mixture has carrots, yam, squash, and a wee bit of potatoes, underneath come frozen corn (M&M has the most amazing corn EVER flash frozen, no preservatives you’d think you’re eating it off the cob!) and some organic ground beef ( next picture over is the finished product)

4- We had left over organic apples from last week – so I whipped up some awesome apples sauce! – the last picture is the final product it was thick and dark and yummmmy!.. I saw some organic brown sugar – but I didn’t buy it – Im not so sure the benefits of organic sugar.. it was right beside the Organic water – Im still a skeptic on that lol !

And here comes the best part. If you have kids you HAVE HAVE to make this tonight – go – get your bake on. This was SO good….it’s a yogurt bar here is the recipe:

Bowl 1

2 cups of Corn flakes

¾ cup of flour

¼ cup brown sugar

½ tsp of cinnamon

½ cup Butter(melted)

Mix all contents together and shape form into a pan – I used a bread loaf pan – it was the perfect size! ( keep some of the cereal mixture aside to top the “loaf”)

This is the cereal I used instead of corn flakes – the mixture was FLIPPEN delicious – I added a bit more brown sugar since my “corn flakes” were actually multigrain flakes but the mixure was sooo good you’d never know it was healthy – EVER!

Bowl 2

1 cup of yogurt ( I highly recommend liberty Mediterranean yogurt, cherry!)

1 egg beaten

2 tbsp flour

Mix all of contest in bowl two ….pour over your crust that you made with bowl 1 contents – then top with remaning cereal – bake @ 350F for 30 minutes! – AMAZING!

And I of course have a final product picture – but that’s like ruining the end of a good book lol, go ahead and bake it – and see for yourself! — Hope all our readers had a fantastic weekend – back to the grind tomorrow argh! 😛

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