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Crazy days

So what does my schedule look like now that I’m in school too? Take a look at what my Friday consists of: 6:00am up and at em 6:30 get kids ready for the day 7:30am leave for groceries 8:30am return home get Brad and kids read to leave with Keith 9am —-Keith does school drop … Continue reading

Best friends

What an amazing thing to have a sister. As an only child I can only begin to imagine the feeling of having a “friend” at home with you. And that’s exactly what my kids are. It’s funny thinking about it, many times I’ve heard “oh my kids don’t get along” or “oh I don’t talk … Continue reading

Driving 24 hours with 3 2 year olds – who does that?

I do. Apparently something in my over active hyper mind decided that the concept of driving across the entire country with my 2 year old triplets would be a good idea. What the fuck was I thinking – For the most part I have to say they were OK…. but seriously what on earth inspired me … Continue reading

Im Back!

Eek – It’s been awhile. But I’m alive. They’re alive. Everyone seems to be happy – so life is good. It’s hard to imagine somehow that the”babies” are now 2. We were driving the other day and I said to Keith…”OK when we get home we’ll put the babies to sleep.” .. He said to … Continue reading

3 month later and…

We’re under control. Life is, under control. It took 2 years and 1 month and a few odd days – but we’re under control. Triplet moms often wonder “omigod when does it get better”.. This is when it got better for me. It went from chaos to bliss apparently over night. They got the memo. … Continue reading

Darker Days

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to eat my dinner and got a big lump in my throat and just sat and cried before I could even take a bite of my food. That’s what happend tonight. It started around noon this morning and the waterworks haven’t let off.. maybe Im feeling sorry for … Continue reading

Im going to loose it

Seriously. Im loosing my cool, in a pretty intense way. If you read on facebook you probably know that naptimes in my  house are not going well AT ALL. Well today was the last straw I really dont know what to do – they think its a game to take their diapers off and piss … Continue reading

Am I the LAST fat girl?

WHOA?! I know where the Bleep have I been. I have triplets, they’re great for getting out of things, using them as excuses and blaming things on – so that’s what I’m doing here – it’s because of the triplets. Generally if you dont hear from me, it’s a good thing – it means I … Continue reading

You’re really lucky…

People oftent say it to me, you’re really lucky – it might be about my house, my family, my business etc – and I usually say and totally agree yes Im lucky – but today it struck me a different way, Im not lucky. I’m very fortunate, but I’ve also worked hard to get to … Continue reading

Literally Ground Beef.

They’re not goldfish – they won’t die if they don’t eat for a day. That was the words of my wise, oh so very cute I might add, family doctor. He’s right – they’re not going to die if they skip out on the yummy organic scrambled egg breakfast, they certainly won’t die if they … Continue reading