Book Love

This past week was national literacy week. I think it’s great “week” to generate awareness about the subject, but I really think that reading should be a part of every childs everday life. Our kids love books. Really it’s one of the only thing that’ll calm all my kids down at one time. We read, a lot. We read so much that I have our own “library” program in effect in our house. We have a tub ( see pictures below) that is ONLY for books and it only brought out during book time. Now don’t get me wrong we have a ton more book in other parts of our house – but the “book box” is the most popular spot for the babies to sit down and read. What we do is bi-weekly we take out 10 books from the library, so there is always a fresh new supply of books, I think this is equally important for the babes and the mom – how many of us have read a Dr. Seuss book a few too many times :p

Our book box is from Canadian Tire – it retails for about $4.00 you can pick one up anywhere though:


Alanna is our biggest book reader, she likes to read alone and she’ll actually take time to inspect every page – she talks about loud while she points to things too – but today she wasn’t feeling so good, so she sat out the activity for the most part


Lauren also loves book, she isn’t really into “independent” reading – she LOVES pointing to things she knows and will point to: Duck (her favourite thing in the world, second to cheese), horse, bottle, dog, cat, lion, owl,pig, toothbrush… during todays book time though she was the most involved!


Benjamin also loves books, he’s so happy –go – lucky he’ll do just about any activity I present him with!

The babies have also started to escape “parallel” play.. they are starting to recognize each other and play with each other, they’re ever reading together! You can see in the picture, Lauren is actually reading to Ben!

At the end of the book play our floor is COVERED in books – but I love it – reading is so much fun, they learn so much from it!.. And after a hard day of reading we need a snack! The babies love liberty yogurt – Im not sure if you’ve ever had it – but this stuff is amazing, it’s likely more fattening than ice cream, it’s the same thickness but it’s yogurt – yum! Farm Boy has the best selection J

And just because I thought this picture was too darn cute not to share – after a hard days of play – the babies enjoyed some TV and Highchair time with their dinner!


2 Responses to “Book Love”
  1. dad says:

    you never stop to amaze me this is just to much youre a pro what more can i say love dad x0x0x0x0x0x

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