See That House?

This is the house I’m talking about…………….

That’s what it feels like at my house – … I think our house would be the white one closest to right- and there’s Keith and I standing outside – it appears I’m wearing a dress- highly unusual for me, as Im now president of the yoga pants club. But that’s the storm. It’s coming. I feel it. I see it. Although ours isn’t made up of dust and clouds and frightful weather – it’s made up of crazy kids….


They may look cute on the outside, but to me right now … they look more like exhibit A ( storm clouds above).. It’s coming – it wont be long until it’s here full force. Do you think the folks in Exhibit A lived? I mean who would be so crazy as to stand infront of a storm like that?…Wait a minute – does this mean I should run????….I hope I survive!

Please excuse the potential lack of blog posts while I battle the storm. I hope it passes quickly. And I think the storm will pierce a few teeth, that must be the reason.




5 Responses to “See That House?”
  1. melgallant says:

    LOL – I have one child who brews up quite a storm herself. I can’t imagine dealing with a “Category 4” storm (sorry couldn’t resist terrible pun). Best of luck!

  2. Lara says:

    That makes me think about when I’m out and people see me and smile and say “twins?” and I say yes and they say “awww…. so cute”

    My response? “uh huh. SUPER cute” the sarcasm in my voice not remotely subtle 😉

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