Yes – We did IVF

Alright – so it’s sort of like skeletons in the closet, most people know some people don’t. Some mind there business, some ask to many questions some approach it softly some are rude, some care, other are curious, so it really depends who you as to which story I’ve told you.

Now I’ve only had the opportunity to come up with so many stories because people ask me if I did IVF more often than they say hello to me, so sometimes it gets annoying. Like really flipping annoying. Let me tell you about Bradley:

It was March we had just gotten back from a Florida vacation, Keith and I had some ridiculous fight over me thinking he was with another woman, at that time we had just bought our house and our hardwood floors were being refinished so it reeked of glue there was dust EVERYWHERE and I was constantly getting splinters in my feet. Despite all of that we had a mattress laid out in the middle of a torn up room in our first house. It was make up sex, it was pretty hot. We weren’t not trying and we weren’t trying – The sex lasted quite a while, I’d say at least 4 hrs – I mean it was make up sex – it had to be good right. He probably penetrated me a dozen times before he blew a really hot sticky load inside my vagina – and with that he inseminated me and Bradley was conceived.

OK OK OK – that’s totally not my writing style ( but yes that it was happened) but really did you want to know that? Really did you? .. Did you really have to get that mental image of my legs spread apart on a stripped hardwood floor? I don’t think so – and it’s for that reason that I don’t think you need to know how my triplets were conceived. Really – it’s kinda personal. I certainly wouldn’t ask you to give me the details of how your 2nd child was conceived – it’s just not common chit chat – so I invent stories – because really I don’t like getting into the whole mess of it all.

When faced with that question I have 2 options :

Option 1 – Are they natural

Me: Yes they’re natural

Asker: EVERYONE ASKS: do they run in your family

Me – Auto response: Yes my moms 3rd cousins are triplets ( I don’t even know most of my moms third cousins and I’ve never met a triplet before mine)

— but the conversation usually stops here and we carry on – I MUCH more prefer this option!

Option 2

Me – No we did IVF

Asker- How long did you try

Me- 3 years

Asker – They let you transfer 3 eggs?

Me – Yes

Asker – You’re lucky they didn’t split

Me – oK

Anyways option 2 goes on FOREVER… and the questions get long, boring, offensive etc so I usually go with option 1 – unless I know you personally or I know you’ve struggled with infertility and I feel that we can benefit/support each other from talking about it.

So for the record – Here is the FAQ on our infertility:

Cause: Male factor with low ovarian reserve

Attempts at IVF: 3

Successful attempts: Only the one that worked

Did you ever miscarriage: Never that we know of

Why did we transfer 3: Low ovarian reserve, poor responder to meds, very little chance of even conceiving only 3 eggs viable at transfer, likelihood of triplets less than 8%

Do triplets run in my family: No

Am I happy they didn’t split: Yes

Would I go through IVF again: No

Was it expensive: Probably more than every car you’ve ever owned combined

How did you afford it: We used our money wisely

Was Bradley “natural”: Yes

Where did we do it: Ottawa Fertility Center

Did it hurt our marriage: No it made us stronger


So there ya have it! YES we did IVF – sorry if you heard one of many stories but honestly it gets really really tiring answering people all the time. It was a very very hard and long struggle for us, we are happy with our outcome of 3 wonderful healthy children and we just want to try to live our lives as normal people – not circus freaks!







15 Responses to “Yes – We did IVF”
  1. Cassandra says:

    Whoa I’m blushing from your first paragraph.
    For your next business adventure you could produce porn lol

    • Julia says:

      Well said. I get that all the time two with my two. Like for some reason they need a reason why I have two. Especially the ones who say the feel sorry for me.

      I also get the why didn’t you have to do it with your oldest? I have no clue and if I did, then we probably would have gotten pregnant on our own 🙂

      Hang in there, you are doing a great job! And if you find time to recreate the moment when you conceived Bradley, you are doing awesome 🙂

    • 4under4 says:

      Porn Producer LOL LOVE it !! … Now that’ll raise some questions LOL

  2. Renee says:

    Well said.
    Some people don’t realize or have the common sense to know that their questions/comments are offensive.

  3. Dyan says:

    Great post Bridge. The specifics of our ‘cases’ are so similar – low overian reserve, poor responder to meds, etc.. But because Jack ended up as a singleton, no one ever asks (we too transfered 3 as we had only had 3 embryos from our last cycle). But I never thought about how much you must get faced with the question, because you had triplets. Here’s hoping people start minding their own business or at least get more polite.

    • 4under4 says:

      Hi Dyan – we were very very similar! … How Brad got here I’ll never know lol – Ya people should mind their business – or at least understand infertility before they start asking ridiculous questions lol

  4. KL says:

    hahahaha – i’ll never be able to look the two of you in the eye again!!!!! xo I’m getting you a shirt made that says “yes we did IVF now shut your trap or I’ll shut it for you!!”

  5. Kelsey says:

    Very interesting post LOL
    We concieved our oldest way too easily…lol..but our second we needed help with..not as far as IVF but I had to go on fertility pills for her…our bodys are weird like that sometimes! From what I read and see you guys seem pretty happy…and your kids are adorble 🙂

  6. Angela Tew says:

    LOL, I love, love, love the Bradley story. I think when someone asks you about the triplets you should tell that story, but add in that you had sex 3 times that day for 4 hours each and that’s how you got triplets!! I bet that person will always mind their own business next time!! I really, really, really hate all the questions and hate getting asked if we did fertility. I always usually lie and say they are natural too, to avoid all the other ackward questions that they will then ask knowing that I did infertility. I’m glad to see that you are blogging again!! 🙂

    • 4under4 says:

      I didn’t realize you did IVF Angela! .. Because of course I’d never ask someone that ..I get asked enough to know better lol! My huge weird things is are people going to be ignorant when they’re like 10 and still ask

    • Shannon says:

      bahahaha! DEFINITELY tell a Bradleyx3 story to the next person that asks. Make some outragious body movements and hand gestures at the same time though – like, spank your own ass and yell “who’s been a bad girl!” while galloping around. Then ask if they want to see the video 🙂

      Make sure to post a blog on how it goes!! I definitely want to read that one.

  7. Anik Menard says:

    Great Posting! I can relate to some extent! You’re a great mother and you’re definitely an inspiration to many of us 🙂

    I really hope that we can get together some time and have a play date Maxime would definitely have a hoot with your three little wonders!

    Take Care!

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