Maybe that was a little drastic?

So – although there are not that many comments, I heard a lot about my last blog post. Take it for what you want, I wrote it, it’s out there, it had to be said, Im sorry if I’ve scared you with ridiculous mental images!

I do have to say though in this calmer state, that I do totally get “it” the fascination with triplets. Really I mean it’s not all that natural, it’s not something you see everyday. I’ve looked at things before, I’ve wondered if certain woman…accessories, were real. I’ve looked at someone who was shorter than average, I’ve looked, I’ve wondered – so I respect that when something isn’t “normal” it’s natural for people to ask….I just wish it wasn’t every single day. Anyways end of story, sorry you had to endure the last post – and thank you for still reading xo.

Somethings changing in my house. We’re almost – omigosh I can’t believe Im going to say this – it’s almost normal in our house. We’re almost like a normal functional family now. I mean we have our spazz hour from 4-5 but we get through it, and I manage to go through the days without pulling my hair out. I actually have FUN with the babies. Things are getting better. I honestly cannot tell you the horror of my first year. I have no idea how I did it. And I said I not we because it was manageable with two people when Keith was home. But I have these very real nightmare flash backs of trying to manage alone, but now we’re good. It’s just like a switch turned – we actually have fun! Lets hope this isn’t a trend – but the new them.

We’re also finally on a kick ass new schedule – bed at 6:30pm up at 7:00am (yes that’s not a type 7am…12 1/2 hrs) … we nap from 1-2 .. and it’s amazing!

Something really cool has happened too! The triplets have started to recognize that each other are there, I’ve been waiting for this forever. They play together, they laugh together, they touch each other it’s super cute – its little moments that make me smile all day!

Bradley has a PD day tomorrow – time to start thinking of some fun activities to keep us all sane. I can’t wait for summer – !

OH! And BIG BIG BIG news, my dad is babysitting TWO kids ALONE tomorrow (Brad and Pete) this is huge. monuments – BIG. I never thought he’s take on 2 kid, Im impressed! šŸ™‚

Thanks Dad

PS – if you notice that this blog entry has an abnormally low grammatical and spelling error rate per sentence – that is because Im blogging on my brand friggen new ipad – that totally rocks and is SO easy for spell check :0)

2 Responses to “Maybe that was a little drastic?”
  1. KL says:

    Can’t wait for the snow to be gone so I can come for another visit. They’re changing so fast and I miss it al šŸ˜¦ Hugs & kisses for everyone!

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