Crazy days

So what does my schedule look like now that I’m in school too? Take a look at what my Friday consists of: 6:00am up and at em 6:30 get kids ready for the day 7:30am leave for groceries 8:30am return home get Brad and kids read to leave with Keith 9am —-Keith does school drop … Continue reading

Best friends

What an amazing thing to have a sister. As an only child I can only begin to imagine the feeling of having a “friend” at home with you. And that’s exactly what my kids are. It’s funny thinking about it, many times I’ve heard “oh my kids don’t get along” or “oh I don’t talk … Continue reading


So I honestly wish I’d have a “secret” camera to follow me around to capture the looks of folks who find out that Im having triplets – also to capture the comments of people…So I thought I’d blog a few of the reactions – I’ll try to update it as new comments come in…   … Continue reading

Assessment Unit – Again

24 weeks 6 days – Assessment Unit Trip… Why? I really should have went during the night, but : a) I felt bad waking up Bradley to go the hopsital for me b) I couldn’t drive myself  c) I’d be way to embarrassedto take an ambulance d) I didn’t want to bother anyone. S-T-U-P-I-D I … Continue reading

24 week u/s

I’m definitely not a practicing catholic – nor am I really sure what I believe in – but there’s something to thank for the success we’ve been having with this pregnancy. Now I’m not normally superstitious but im touching wood after that comment! Our ultrasound showed 3 very healthy babies – so healthy in fact … Continue reading