Best friends

What an amazing thing to have a sister. As an only child I can only begin to imagine the feeling of having a “friend” at home with you. And that’s exactly what my kids are.

It’s funny thinking about it, many times I’ve heard “oh my kids don’t get along” or “oh I don’t talk to my brother” …and maybe it’s coming but for now ill savour every moments – I have four kids and they all love each other dearly.

Ill have to revisit this post in 10 years and comment but I can’t see them ever “hating” each other.

I often say to people my house is like the birthday party that never ends : big brother Bradley orchestrating the idea of hosting their own Christmas parade and the triplets following suit with pots pans and bells all screaming “we wish you a merry Christmas” at the top of their lungs in January. It’s a little noisy a little insane, but they live with their best friends – how cool is that!


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