Driving 24 hours with 3 2 year olds – who does that?

I do. Apparently something in my over active hyper mind decided that the concept of driving across the entire country with my 2 year old triplets would be a good idea. What the fuck was I thinking – For the most part I have to say they were OK…. but seriously what on earth inspired me to live as a single mother of triplets for just about a month – I’ll never have any idea.

Last year we came to Florida with the triplets – and we looked back thinking WTF were we thinking dragging one year old triplets all the way to SYR airport and then THROUGH the airport and then lodging up with them for a week in a foreign house… it seemed crazy – but DRIVING across the country and staying for a MONTH here with them – crazier yet.

Dont get me wrong, we’re surviving. We’ve been through a hospital scare with Alanna who somehow managed to fall between a couch and a coffee table. We had a bloody nose from Benjamin(  PLEASE NOTE PARENTS: dont ever attempt to toss a full sippy cup to the back seat, if you have an arm like me chances are your smack your poor little in the face have to pull over into some random parking lot and perform emergency first aid treatments on a bloody nose) .. We had a SECOND bloody nose from Ben, thanks to his brother..and weve had an insane amount of bumps bangs and scraped knees (like they’ve forgotten how to walk without snow or something)??

But I haven’t lost one – so that means Im doing this parenting thing effectively right?  I’ve got them some fancy phone number tatoos that say “If lost please call 613-314-XXXX” ….(dont laugh I didn’t put XXXX I actually gave my real digits despite what I say some days I would like them returned!) .. I haven’t had any phone calls or close calls – so we’re good.

Keith comes down in just a few short days (thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I wondered back home why my tight budgeting husband wants and let me go on a vacation for over one month .. but I get it now, he’s a lot smarter than I am. I called him this morning at 10am.. He was rolling out of bed… yes HE is getting the vacation. He saw past my vision of white sand beaches and happy children hugging Mickey Mouse and he knew HE was getting the real vacation – bugger.

Off I go to fight the effects of the time change. Is it really necessary – grumble – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Whoever came up with this time change crap clearly didn’t have children. Let alone triplets.

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