Im Back!

Eek – It’s been awhile. But I’m alive. They’re alive. Everyone seems to be happy – so life is good.

It’s hard to imagine somehow that the”babies” are now 2. We were driving the other day and I said to Keith…”OK when we get home we’ll put the babies to sleep.” .. He said to me.. “When are you going ot stop calling them babies”…Hmph – that’s a good question. I guess to be the trio will always be my “babies” and Bradley will always be my “Big Boy”.

We’ve been hitting some awesome milestones. The biggest yet – which I’d like to take a moment and personally high five myself – is potty training. ( lots of people have asked my advice about this – if anyone still wants to know leave me a comment and I’ll write a post about it!) The days of “training” are over. By 24 months all three were 100% capable of using the washroom .. even on their own. BIG BIG self high-five!

The other awesome thing, is that I think with singletons we dont appriciate the fact of how capable our little ones are. By nature we do things for them. We’re their parents, we care and love and want to nurture them. But a funny little thing happens when a child is left to “be more self sufficiant”. They, well, become more self sufficant. Having three of them and only 2 hands I cannot get to everyones requests immediatly – they’ve started to “get this” ( which hurray means way less crying) .. but they’ve started doing things on their own – the biggest hoorah is that they can completly dress themselves to go outside, they put on their own sock, boots, and even coats – at 27 months this a HUGE accomoplishment – I think πŸ™‚

Bradley is progressing really well in school. I can see that the change between the montessori system and the public system was one that took some adjusting to, but he’s getting there. I had no idea kids could read so well in Gr 1 ( see I totally dont give kids the credit they deserve).. Bradley is now reading books totally on his own – it’s pretty amazing. We’ve been spending lots of time at the library and Im trying my best to make reading a pleasurable life long passion for him!

Speaking of reading -I just picked up four books off for my upcoming trip to Floriday – YOUPIE, we leave on Feb 20th and return at the end of March – Im very much looking forward to it – and have made a commitment to blog my travels as we drive across the country – YEHAW πŸ™‚

I also have a small little blog resolution. I work very hard everyday to keep the kidlets entertained with at home activities ( in addition to our outtings) Im hoping to blog post once a day on the activities we did – how we did them – and what we’ve learned from them -:)


2 Responses to “Im Back!”
  1. Mil says:

    Congrats on all the “thumbs up”! with the kids milestones. I’ve been following your journey from the IVF forum and think you’re absolutely a wonderful mother. I am going to take you up on your offer and please do tell your advise on how you potty trained the kids. I’m going to attempt pt this summer and need all the advise and truly believe yours will be very beneficial. Keep up the great job…your kids are cuties!


  2. cnc says:

    WOW….great to see you are back! I have soooo missed your blogs, and catching up on all the kids! Today is Feb. 22….and I don’t see a California Road Trip blog yet, but hope there is more to come!

    Having those babes potty trained by 24 months definitely deserves AT LEAST a high-five! My daughter turns 24 months next week and we have started this week….day two and she is doing pretty good – i’m a proud mama! I just hope she keeps up the good work!

    Welcome back!

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