3 month later and…

We’re under control.

Life is, under control. It took 2 years and 1 month and a few odd days – but we’re under control. Triplet moms often wonder “omigod when does it get better”.. This is when it got better for me. It went from chaos to bliss apparently over night. They got the memo.

It’s a pretty cool feeling to look at them now and not think- shit what the hell happend to my life – but to look at them and think wow, look at this beautiful amazing family I have. It’s exciting to think of the future together with all of them.

I used to wake up scared. (Im not lying!) I was horrified at what the day would bring me, would I be able to cope – what on earth would I do with THREE babies?? No I wake up and Im excited, thrilled, and greeted with 4 little sets of lips that just have plenty of kisses to wake me up with! It took a long time to get here, but we did it.

I’d like to blog more. I’m going to become a nap time blogger – daily. So keep your eyes open for more blogs!


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