Im going to loose it

Seriously. Im loosing my cool, in a pretty intense way.

If you read on facebook you probably know that naptimes in my  house are not going well AT ALL.

Well today was the last straw I really dont know what to do – they think its a game to take their diapers off and piss and shit all over the god damn place.

And it’s worse than just that – they take off all their sheets of their bed and then pee all over the damn matress so it’s not like I just change the sheets and walk away – Rigth now Im so mad at them that I dont even bother putting on new sheets ( I clean the matress and they’re friggen lucky I do that much) but Ive lost my cool I seriously dont know what to do to keep them from ripping their diapers off and pee and shitting EVERYWHERE ever friggen day.

Here’s what we’ve tried:

Onesies ( nope they can very easily take them off)

Onesies with pants and tshirt over them ( nope)

One piece pyjamas ( doesn’t work either they take the sleeves off then put their arms threw the neck hold and take them off)

Cloth diapers with snaps over their diapers ( somehow they can get these off)

Duck Tape over the diapers ( get these off too – I just friggen wrapped Alannas around 5 times – and I bet it’s off right now)

I dont know what to do – seriously how can I possibly stop this – it’s getting so so depressing each day going in to clean up three massive messes and then of course they dont nap because of this. Seriously someone please please help 😦

6 Responses to “Im going to loose it”
  1. Anik Lavigne says:

    Poor you, I don’t know what to tell you, Maxime doesn’t even try to take his socks off ( I know he can do it as I make him do it himself before bath time) he’s waaayyy to lazy for that! I was going to say backwards onezies but seems like you’ve already tried that!

    Have you tried putting the diaper on backwards.. you might get a mess but mabye a smaller one??

  2. What IF? says:

    My GGGs are 21 months and 2 of mine are starting to do this too. So frustrating! You could try the one-piece pajamas again, but use a ribbon or piece of string to tie the arm “straps” together in the back so they can’t take their arms out. I saw this tip on another triplet mom’s blog and will try to find it again. She’s on TC.

    I’m going to try putting my girls down to bed in their zip-up swimsuits (like little bodysuits) – it has the zipper in the back where they can’t reach it and the neck is not wide enough for them to get their arms through. I’m hoping that will work, because I’m as fed up as you, and we don’t have one-piece PJs in the house.

    Whenever I remember to put a quiet toy and board book they haven’t seen in a while in their beds, naptime goes better. Even when they don’t nap, they get into less trouble and I get a break.

    If you find something that works, please drop me a line. Hang in there! You’re not alone.

    • 4under4 says:

      Ah so fun another triplet mommy ! YAY! thanks so much for reading our kiddos are super close in age ! Do you blog I’d love to read about someone who is going through what I go through everyday 😛

      • What IF? says:

        🙂 YAY indeed. We’re FB friends and I love reading your status updates. Seriously, it often gets me through the day to know I’m not the only one dealing with triplet toddler mayhem. I’ll send you a msg through FB so you’ll know which one of the triplet mamas I am. My blog is

  3. Sandibeach says:

    I like the one piece swimsuit idea with the zipper in the back! WHat a great idea… odd napping outfit, but whatever works. Oh Brigitte… I don’t know what to say… but I’d seperate them – maybe they would nap if alone in a room… if not at night, at least just during hte day, during nap time. Good luck!!

    Or, just go back to work and send them to daycare… it sounds like you might need it!

    • What IF? says:

      “odd napping outfit” – lol! Indeed!! But desperate days call for desperate measures. This was my husband’s idea – he means business! – and I’m praying it’ll work. I’m also going to try pull-ups instead of diapers, just in case they manage to get the diaper loose through the leg hole. Yet another triplet mom suggested the pull-ups, because her kids ripped their regular diapers off that way, despite all the other tricks she tried. ha ha.

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