Am I the LAST fat girl?

WHOA?! I know where the Bleep have I been. I have triplets, they’re great for getting out of things, using them as excuses and blaming things on – so that’s what I’m doing here – it’s because of the triplets. Generally if you dont hear from me, it’s a good thing – it means I have nothing to complain about.

Today – Im complaining.

Not about kids – ironically enough.

It seems to me, that I’m the last fat girl standing. I’m frustrated with myself, but Im making progress so Im not sure what the issue is – but there is an issue. I feel like Im the last fat girl standing. It seems EVERYONE is either now thin, thinner or are getting thing.

You see, I have a “twitter” friend who I screatly stalk who has Twins – her name is Pam – she blogs over here at word on the beach. I get her frustration. I get the “1,2,3 go” and then the “oh shit I forgot to start” frustration of loosing weight.

In fairness to myself I’ve done good. I’m at the point where I’m willing to talk numbers. Numbers can always be a little ugly – credit card statments …ugly. Mortgages…ugly. Taxes…ugly – numbers are just plain ugly. I’ve been up and I’ve been down all the sizes between 12-26. Yes 26, no you can’t find that in a regular store. Right now I sit at…*grumble errr* 191 – there we go I said it OUT LOUD. I guess that’s a first step, kind of like AA meetings right. Hi, My name is Brigitte Cusson I weigh 191 pounds. I even know some skinny girls who wont say what they weigh so there HA I just “one upped you”. Anyways here I am at 191 pounds. It’s good…. because you want to know the scary part?


Yup – 270 pounds. There’s where I started after the birth of the triplets. It feels weird even writting that. Two Hundred and Seventy. WOW. So in fairness to me, I have lost 79 pounds in the ohhh 12 months or so I’ve been trying. But it seems to take FOREVER. Sometimes I day dream about chocolate cake. – You know the saying .. I like you like a fat kid loves chocolate cake – Im that fat kids who LOVES chocolate cake.

ANYWAYS, I keep snacking on chocolate ( Im seeing a trend here – chocolate addict) I keep having this start, go , stop feeling about dieting. The end goal is 145 pounds. That’s 46 more pounds to go. I just have to focus, I need to stop making excuses. I need to be more like my friend Sara. She amazes me!





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































2 Responses to “Am I the LAST fat girl?”
  1. Sara says:

    A hug for you because weight loss is so frigging hard It took me 10 years to get to where I am today…10 years of starting/stopping/failing/gaining and finally figuring out how to put all the pieces together. You are a mom to 4, an entrepreneur, and fitting exercise in is really hard. But the hardest part is being honest about where you’re at and where you want to be and you already did that so you’re miles ahead!!! Being a part of Losing It was a huge boost for me; I needed the Running Room to stay accountable; and I log into My Fitness Pal everyday to track calories. You’ll find what works for you and when you do…look out because those pounds will melt away 🙂

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