You’re really lucky…

I'm not lucky these kids are dressed - it's hard work! 🙂

People oftent say it to me, you’re really lucky – it might be about my house, my family, my business etc – and I usually say and totally agree yes Im lucky – but today it struck me a different way, Im not lucky. I’m very fortunate, but I’ve also worked hard to get to where I am. I dont usually brag, Im not a look at me kind of person, I am who I am. I’ve always been happy with who I am – but I never for once looked passed the idea that I might be more than lucky – I’m determind. I started thinking, I dont think I’ve got to where I am today by luck. There’s no amount of st-paddys day luck that could bring me here…. I worked hard.

My House – it’s gorgeous. Its not clean – I have 4 tornados, but I think it’s gorgeous. Did we luck in to getting a house on a court – with a park in the middle and a large back yard -and front yead ( speaking city living here folks) … I dont think so. I worked hard. I stayed up until the wee hours of the night searching mls listings, I visited hunderds and hundred of houses – my poor relestate rep – and I finally found the house – we got an awesome deal on it and have managed to cash in on the mini house boom here in Orleans – I dont think it was luck anymore, I think it was through my hard work.

My kids – that’s an entire other can of worms, but Im not lucky to have them, I worked hard to have them. Having a kids for us wasn’t like an average romp at midnight after a few too many glasses of wine. I would have to wake up at 6am every morning get blood tests done, inject myself with 5 needles over the course of the day – montior vaginally the progress of my egg development and endure embryo transfers and retrivals – three times. That wasn’t lucky – that took courage and strength. I (we) brought our family here through determination.

My pregnancy – now dont get my wrong – in a sense I was totally incredibly blessed to have 3 healthy children at once, was it all lucky? I dont think so. Was it part luck – yes. But I did work hard when I was pregnant. I worked hard to eat non stop around the clock. I had peanut butter banana sandwhiches at midnight… my underwear draw was filled with Kashi protein bars for a 4 am snack – I fed those babies well and worked hard to keep them as long as my body would!

My Business – I wasn’t lucky. Success didn’t fall into my lap. I didn’t get offered all the fun things that Spoiled Sugar gets offered – I worked hard for that, Im still working hard on it. I dont have a clear cut business plan ( tsk tsk I know) but it’s coming – but I worked hard – very hard, I stay up late and Iwork my ass off to make sure that I know every single customer by name and that every single customer is happy – and wants their friends to shop with us – dont get my wrong I love my business and the amazing woman I’ve met through it – but I work hard.

Anyways I’ve been having some bad days lately feeling like I’m not sure where life is taking me or where I want to go. I threw my phone on the floor the other day out of anger. I never get mad. I kinda giggled a little after. But today I realized I’m not lucky – I’ve worked hard to get here – and that made me feel a little better!

My uncle is a person to me who is strong, we dont talk much – well ever really on an emotional level – but when I finally got pregnant he gave me a card – I threw the card away but there was a little verse on it that I’ve kept on my fridge – and I’ll never take it down – it’s the way I was born:

Behind every success is effort

Behind every effort is passion

Behind every passion is someone with the courage to try 

2 Responses to “You’re really lucky…”
  1. dad says:

    you are 100per cent right what a go daughter of mine x0x0x0x0x0xx0

  2. KL says:

    I’m all weepy now! lol. damn hormones! You are a wonderful, strong and determined woman and I’m a better person for knowing you! XXOO 🙂

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