Literally Ground Beef.

They’re not goldfish – they won’t die if they don’t eat for a day. That was the words of my wise, oh so very cute I might add, family doctor. He’s right – they’re not going to die if they skip out on the yummy organic scrambled egg breakfast, they certainly won’t die if they refuse my whole wheat yogurt bars – but when their entire lunch ends up on the floor – I’m not caring so much about their own welfare at that point, Im dealing with my own frustrations. If I could describe these kids in 2 words it would be: Running Eaters. They will not sit down to eat – but if I allow them to come up to me while I sit on the couch with their meal as they wish – then they’ll eat – but I feel like Im running a farm not a house. I guess it’s pretty common, but I find it insulting. Imagine that 3 16 month olds insulting me. LOL.


Today’s Floor Food: Ground Organic Beef and Whole Wheat Noodles – topped with sharp cheddar. I know they love it – if I sat on the living room floor feeding it to them it would be a superb meal. But in their highchair, it’s not happening.

Let me take you threw about the 6 minutes that lunch lasted.


Minute 1 – Preparation. Literally it takes me one minute to make their food ( everything is prepared in advance)

Minute 2 – Food is on the highchair and is being “explored” but probably not consumed.

Minute 3 – I’m looking into the eyes of this little rascal – also known to her high chair food throwing competition buddies as Alanna.

She handed me her bowl and said ” All Done” – impressive right


This was her bowl – contents empty.

And this is what was found under her highchair ( picture above) – Im telling you – our dog is well, very well fed. Our house is every dogs dream come true. ( I only snapped this picture up after he had consumed most of the food – he really did eat WAYYY more than that – trust me, I have evidence – it’s coming)

Minute 4 – we play a quick round of what I call human pop up. You know those really annoying kids games, where you push a button and something pops up, and then you push it down and then push the button and up it pops again, it’s like me with our highchairs I sit one down and another pops up, sit them down and another one pops up – we played this game for about a minute until I gave up. (we don’t use straps because they wouldn’t even sit for a SECOND with them)

Minute 5 – Ive had enough, I’ve accepted that they aren’t going to eat anything and this was yet another wasted meal and time…..

I’m going to bring you to the last minute of our lunch – you may not want to go there – but Im taking you there – FEEL my pain. After pulling my hair out over the wasted food and human game of popup that Ive yet to win – ever. Nemo decideds he didn’t want his lunch either and out it came…(told ya I had proof!)

I didn’t zoom in but everything was still all nicely intact- the noodles, the beef and even the cheese. I was half tempted to scoop it into a bowl for tomorrows lunch. Anyone free?

2 Responses to “Literally Ground Beef.”
  1. KL says:

    LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Christie says:

    and here, i was going to complain about the fact that my one daughter empties the tupperware container cupboard 1000 times a day!

    You definitely have me beat! I hope you all feel better soon!

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