You have Triplets – So What?

Im feeling a little run down today – not emotionally but physically. I think the HARDEST thing in the world to do is take care of 4 sick kids when you yourself are sick. I just want to sleep – but other people depend on me, you gotta just keep going, and going and going and not stop!.. I think part of military training should be done at my house. No sleep, No food, Chaos, Mess, it toughens you up. But despite the grim – today I thought I’d outline why I personally think having triplets rock.

  1. More kisses. I love baby kisses. Goopy dripping kisses X’s 3 is like a mommas dream come true. Sometimes it’s like a kiss competition here, seeing who can kiss me the most with all three of them crowded around me in a circle just puckered up waiting for their turn, it’s so darn cute


  2. Shopping .. Ok SHH don’t tell my husband this, but really I get to do THREE x’s the shopping. You know when you’re in a store and they have 2 colours of the same outfit and you’re like ohh ahh I don’t know which colour should I choose..hmm – I don’t have that problem – I get to buy as much as I want. It’s fun!



  3. Getting away with a mis-placed OHIP card. OK I haven’t done this – but we almost did lol. The other day Lauren was sick and we were thinking of taking her to a walk in clinic and we though SHIT we can’t find her OHIP card anywhere, Keith suggested we just use Alannas – and you know what we totally could LOL


  4. Multiple Discounts. There aren’t many but sometimes we score some and it’s always appreciated.



  5. I don’t have to deal with 2-3 kids that are a year or two apart wanting two watch different TV shows. For them it’s all the same – we watch four square all day. Simple as that.


  6. Toys – less is more. I hate clutter ( although I live in clutter) but if I had 4 kids – all different ages, they’d require their own toys – this way they all get to share ( except Brad but his are in his room!)



  7. The attention. OK – I don’t like the attention per say, but I like what the attention sometimes brings. I’ve met some incredible people, Heard some amazing stories and make great contacts – all from the “attention” that the triplets draw, I don’t think I would have met ½ the people I have without the attention that comes with them


  8. We’re done. I get it all done in one shot. If you had 4 kids, assuming each kid stays in diapers for 2 years, that’s 8 years of diapers ( Im good at math eh? ) … BUT we have 4 kids and we’re done with diapers in 4 years – that’s ½ the amount of time in diapers … ½ the amount of night spend away ( ok you could argue Im awake longer at night and it evens out – but Im shining on the good here ok :p)



  9. You always have an excuse. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re doing, where’ your supposed to be, who you were supposed to meet, how late you are, how early you are, how bad your hair looks, if you wearing dirty clothes, if you burn water – it ALL doesn’t matter, because – I have triplets. That’s all I have to say and ah ha it’s all ok. And really it’s a valid excuse. J

Photo moments that make me smile:

Don’t you just want to hop in the sack now and desperately try for triplets. STOP .. DON’T I’m just trying to paint a rosy picture in this storm that’s just about cleared from cold number I don’t know what of the season.

BTW – Sorry for the confusing blog updates today – as you can see I’ve be working on making my blog a little more spruced up! J


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