Uh Oh – Am I Old?

I’ve been feeling it lately – it’s creeping up slowly, but I find myself in random places where I think- geez am I old? .. Last night was one of them. We went to the Spa Nordique, and I was surrounded by young girls in string bikinis. Trying to cover up my 16 month post triplet body in as much bathing suit as I could find – I felt quite old and out of place. Keith and I started talking and we’ve come to the conclusion that probably most 30somethings would have kids, and would most likely not be out “loving” and “celebrating” Valentine’s Day – especially on a weekday when there was homework to help with and lunches to back. So there we were in the hot tub – sitting next to each other, but not DIRECTLY on top of one and another like every other 20 year old around us. Holding hands seemed to be enough to show each other we loved each other. Making out with each other while sitting on each other’s laps didn’t quite feel necessary to show each other we loved each other – does that mean Im getting old.

… The other day I decided to fill up on a kitkat bar and a bottle of water for my lunch ( way to be a role model) and as I’ve selected my chocolate bar and was about to begin paying the cute cashier guy say – great choice and he pulls up the same brand of water and a half eaten kit kat – and I think to myself – CUTE – he’s flirting with me… Feeling all excited we exchange small chat, and as Im gathering my things to leave, he says…get ready for this….”HAVE A GOOD DAY MRS”… oh MY GOD! Have a good day Mrs. … Do I have gray hairs? When did I go from being a girl to a lady to a mrs. I didn’t even have kids with me… JESUS. LOL

I should have known that I was starting to be “old” when I was boarding a bus – and a teenage girl got up and said “its okay you can sit here mrs”… really? No. .. I actually said no. I didn’t want a seat. I could stand. Did I look like I couldn’t stand?.. Am I really THAT old. Don’t offer your seat to me – please.

My face is starting to look old too – yuck. I actually have to honestly take care of my face to look good. I’ve even considered botox….But that’s a different story.

If my Friday night agenda is empty. Im happy – I used to have to plan out every detail of my weekend to ensure it was jam packed with fun “young” stuff to do. Now Im happy if I don’t see a single pen mark in Saturdays box. Empty is beautiful.

Sigh. I am old. Weird.


On a “me” sidenote – I start phase 2 of my weight loss journey – well itsn’t not even a journey – it’s a requirement… so yes phase 2 of my weight loss requirement. I may make a second blog about it?!?.. Lost and kept off 50lbs the first phase and now starting the second “requirement” I have 55lbs – here we go go go .. on a adventure J

One Response to “Uh Oh – Am I Old?”
  1. Lara says:

    I was NEVER the type to make out in a hot tub in public, no matter how young I was 😉 I’ve heard that le nordique can be like that though – GACK!
    You aren’t old – you just aren’t immature – how’s that? And good luck with the weight loss. I’ve got about 50 lbs to go!

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