T minus 11 weeks

I like to think that we’ve been adventurous for people have four kids, three of them being the same age. We’ve done things with them that make people think WOW you’re crazy how did you do it? We’ve gone out for breakfast with them when they were just 4 months, we’ve brought the whole gang out on several occasions for dinners, we’ve taken a weekend long trip with them to Syracuse NY – and now … we’re taking them up in the air. We’re flying to Florida come April. Are we nuts or what?

I think things will go smoothly, but I’m already starting a check list and accumulating things to keep them somewhat quiet on the airplane. If you read this blog and you’re headed to Florida in April – you may want to change the dates of your flights – that’s just a bonus heads up for reading my blog… consider it a prize. LOL!

We have backup. My mom and step-father are coming – they have to by law actually. I’ve called the airline flights – and we’re actually not allowed to fly with our children. Isn’t that’s insane? You must have one adult per child – given that we have 4 – we need two other flyers to accompany us. I was a little outraged by this – but what’s that cliché – the laws the law. Anyways we’ve also rented a house so I think we’ll have ample space to move around and feel comfortable with all 8 of us. (plus another family one weekend – a friend of my step-dads)..Oh an a dog – but really – chaos is no stranger to me!

Here’s what’s on my radar these days in preparation for Florida, please please comment and let me know if you have any thoughts/ opinions / suggestions

  1. Where are we going to sleep? Should I bring play pens? Should I buy cheap play pens and toss them when we’re done? Should I buy those bed rail guards and “frame up a bed” and throw everyone in one? Should one baby sleep w/ each parent and the extra baby in a playpen?…A tent LOL!
  2. What types of snacks for the airplane. Healthy and non –messy? I was thinking of making dollar pancakes with little chocolate chips in them. Or baking a loaf of cheese bread?.. Any thoughts…Cherrios seems like a floor nightmare.
  3. What about milk? … Has anyone had any experience buying milk in the US vs CND – will they make the transition OK or should I start it here at home first to make sure?
  4. I need to check into baggage policy – god knows how much stuff 6 ppl will have to bring
  5. Strollers…do I bring the triplet stroller?.. The Double Stroller? Or buy single strollers for each baby – Im leaning towards the single for each kid – then we can all split up etc… but that also means then that I have to buy three new strollers ( cha ching grr… anyone selling one?) … the double is nice we already have it and I can carry one in a bjorne — but it’s kind bulky still not sure…
  6. Life jackets/ swim vests/ etc ( for when I throw them out of the plane…KIDDING)… I need to start looking for these as the house has a pool. I’d also like to find a temporary type of alarm of bell we could put on the door to the pool just in case.


That’s my list for now — my biggest question is about flying. What have you found works best to keep them the most content? Should I book a midnight flight in hopes that they sleep? Should I wake them up at 3am for a 6am flight in hopes that they sleep ( I seem to be leaning on the sleep solution – gravel anyone lol)… Really though any thoughts that would help us from ending up like the picture below would rock!!

PS that’s me throwing them out – not the flight attendant.

13 Responses to “T minus 11 weeks”
  1. Deedee says:

    1. throw a mattress on the floor and have them sleep on it…..
    2. depending on time, cold chicken nuggets are good, apple slices, (that’s all I can think of now)
    3. the milk is the same
    4. buy diapers there…..if you’ve rented a house, they should have laundry facilities, bring enough for three days each and do laundry….
    5. single strollers sound good…..
    6. they have floating bathing suits with built in life preservers….also, those rings that they can sit in with holes for their legs (deflate to nothing and something I would buy there…good luck finding them here now) and if the exiting door is a sliding door, jam a piece of wood in it so it can’t open…..if it’s not, there are lots of temporary door alarms, check at home depot…..
    7. relax and have fun!

    • 4under4 says:

      omigosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love this answer 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Thank you 🙂

      Ps the matress on the floor bit – Im actually going to do it. Sometimes I think we’re too exhausted to think of the most obvious soloutions!

  2. Cassandra says:

    The airline actually said that? Thats strange, a girlfriend of mine just flew (outta Toronto) to Florida alone with her 2 kids whom are both under 3

    I gotta tell you … you are a brave woman!

  3. Alison says:

    For flying, it might be easiest to pick the time of day when everyone’s usually the happiest. Have a normal start to the day and then head to the airport. You can’t be sure they’ll sleep so at least be well rested before the flight. Most people heading to Florida are travelling with kids, so you won’t be the only ones on the plane. Otherwise bring small toys (maybe something new for your older son), lots of snacks and changes of clothes for everyone even the adults.
    If you’re renting a house, they might provide a playpen and a single stroller. The house we rented actually had 2 strollers, and the people we rented from had others in their other properties. Bring the stroller you’re most comfortable using, then it’s one less hassle.
    Food and stuff is the same, so bring what you need to get you there and then send someone to the SuperWalmart for supplies.
    When we went last year, we bought life jackets there as they weren’t in stores yet. Our pool also had a fence that couldn’t be opened by kids, this meant we could sit on the patio but keep the pool closed. If the fence was open, my daughter had her life jacket on.
    Are you planning on going to Disney? if so you might need a stroller for your older son as well. There is a lot of walking and it makes things a lot more enjoyable if the kids have somewhere to rest.
    You didn’t mention it but you might also need to think about high chairs. Again, the house provided us with one. This is probably something you can pick up cheap instead of bringing with you.
    Have a great trip!!

  4. KL says:

    Do you have to pay full fare for the triplets airfare? If you do they each get their own 2 suitcases allowance as well.

  5. Many places have companies that rent baby stuff by the week. Try a google search for the one in the area you are going? Do they have a kijiji-style online selling site? Maybe you can pick up some cheap items ahead of time? I am working on a number of the same questions and we are leaving a month sooner with twins. My hubby is flying down with us, flying back to go to work, flying down again to ‘pick us up’ to fly home with us. Good times! – That’s some expensive traveling you have to do with four under four!!!

  6. oops. Forgot to sign up for notifications – I want advice too!

  7. Kelsey says:

    You are brave but it is totally awesome! If we had the money we would be there in a heartbeat too! lol

    -there are bunch of different snack options…raisins, any kind of crackers ( my kids are big cracker lovers) you could bake mini muffins, dried fruits work too…we once got dried bluberries at costco and they were pretty mess free 🙂 Milk is the same we have bought it there before.
    -as for travel time I’d say it depends on if your kids sleep well and anywhere, I know we try to leave for a trip at night so they will sleep the whole drive there. But a plane would be different and it may just be a cranky flight for you guys ( if they are too excited and wont sleep) Just what I would think would happen, never actually had experience with it 🙂

    Either way I’m sure you will be prepared once the time comes! Hope you all have a blast! 🙂

  8. Sandibeach says:

    I’m assuming the babies are sitting on the adults – if so, you are allowed 2 pieces of baby stuff free per kid (ie. playpen & stoller or car seat). I’m assuming you’ll need car seats in Florida. If you can, bring your own playpens – I assume they are use to sleeping alone, probably best to keep it as similar as home as possible. As for things to keep them busy on the flight… they wont’ go for toys, I found Julien liked things like the plastic cups they give you, water bottles, the TV, the magazine and papers on the seat back… that will probably keep them entertained for awhile. I flew twice with Julien – once at 11am – great flight it was to Florida… he slept about 30 minutes or so… he was awake, alert and happy. Flew also at 5:30am to Mexico – we were lucky, he slept most of the flight, but other babies on our flight had a complete meltdown… I suggest a midday flight… don’t try the midnight thing – Julie did with Brielle and she cried for a full 6 hours on the way to Paris. Buy as much as you can down there – diapers, wipes, etc. As for stoller – do you plan on doing lots of walking down there (ie, Disney, etc). If so, bring your comfy good stroller or the double plus a single – maybe borrow one from someone who has two. As for food – you can’t bring any fruits or veggies cross border, so it will have to be prepared food or things like fruit cups. Enjoy and have fun!

  9. SC says:

    Okay… we’re going to Florida in April, with our two kids, and renting a house with my parents – very weird! Where are you flying out of, and what airline – we’re gonna need more parachutes for that picture!!

    We went to Florida two years ago (when we only had just my son)… lots of times when you are renting places, some of them have play pens or cribs that come with the house, so you might want to check with who your renting from if that’s an option – or, I don’t really condone this, but in your situation, I would purchase a pack n’ play or a couple pack n’ plays when you get there and return them before you leave (for as long as you are going to need them and use them)!

    As for snacks, one snack I take everywhere is Dole Squish ‘Ems… they are apple sauce in kids type tetra pack with a screw on cap.. my son just sucks out the apple sauce, we screw the lid back on, and there is no mess. They are fantastic, not just for plane rides but for everything. I also suggest bring snacks that are ‘new’ to them, something that they would surprise to have or haven’t had before – it seems to hold their attention a bit longer.

    One thing I remember about my first trip to Florida with my son was that we overpacked and under used almost everything. We could have gone with about half the clothes we packed, and half the gear. We bought diapers and wipes when we got there. We also SHOPPED and bought baby clothes too… and I didn’t factor that in. This time around, I am packing much less stuff and if I need something, I will buy it!

    As for swimming stuff I would see what the house has, often times other people who have rented the place before you leave stuff there so you might find there are floaty boats and stuff already there – if not you can buy something.

    I think you are awesome for taking your kids on a big trip like this, and you are helping other Moms with fewer bambinos to tote around see that they to can do it too. I hope you have a great trip and good weather!!

    • 4under4 says:

      Aww thanks so much! Im super excited – and I really appriciate the snack idea… I’ll take a picture of the kids with them on the airplane – hopefully they’ll be holding it in their seats, not on the floating outside the plane in a parachute LOL!

      We’re going the -20-28th what about you guys?

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