A vente

I have to vent. I’m in tears right now. I’ve had a hair disaster it’s bad. Really bad – it looks horrible and so I feel horrible.

I’ve request the help of my facebook/twitter friend who rock by the way – and I’ve found a new hair studio where I’d like to get my locks fixed.

Keith is flipping out on me. Yes I just paid $135 last week to get my hair done, and now Im going to have to pay again and he’s having a COW over it. Anytime I spend ANY money – it’s like the world is ending.

Im SERIOUSLY pissed right now. I have the right to have nice hair. It’s not nice to walk around with straw orange hair. Why can’t he understand that? Why does he have to be so hard on me? ….sigh….

2 Responses to “A vente”
  1. Anik says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that most men are like that.. especially if you share bank accounts. Frank has a cow when I get a pedicure, when I get my hair done.. he figures it’s unecessary spending when I can apparently do it myself *sigh* I know it probably doesn’t make you feel better, but regardless to what Frank says I do it anyways.. lol Mommies (Especially mommies of triplets) certainly deserve some “Mommy Time” and some pampering and I do recognize the fact that having nice hair is very important! So don’t worry about it! Post pictures of your new hair when you get them done again! You should post before and after pictures!
    Take Care

    • 4under4 says:

      And so the appointment is book! LOL – I agree men dont get it! I’d get a pedicure over getting an oil change in my car anyday lol – ohh the priorities woman have hehe!! I will certainly take some before and after photos!! xo

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