Ei Ei O

Last night I heard a noise while I was sleeping… it sounded like someone was in our house – the noise started upstairs and made it’s way down, I could swear I heard typing on my computer and then the noise returned back upstairs, all three babies started stirring, maybe the noise work them? Or maybe they were having a midnight party that I wasn’t invited to? … When I awoke the next morning and I was faced head on with three terrors, I quickly came to an assumption that the noise I heard must have been a monkey making his/her way down the stairs, onto my computer to read my blog, then heading back up stairs – back to their room – to share with the other two – the findings of the blog post. Im convinced that one of the three monkeys was onto my blog – they saw the post about how good they’ve been – and they just couldn’t let that fiesta feeling inside me last – so they’ve ganged up on me making my days anything less than pleasing lately. Ok – Im slightly crazy – they certainly didn’t read my blog, but they are sure rebelling against something! They are not happy campers lately – or happy monkeys for that matter lol :p

But alas – the chaos feels “normal” to me and so the beat goes on šŸ™‚

This week is project Bradley. We’ve GOT to get him out of our bed. I looked up his weight on the growth “percentile” charts and he’s “greater than the 97th percentile” which pretty much means your kid is enormous. At 55lbs and almost the same height as me, there just is no more room for him. I’m all for attachment parenting and love and nurturing – but I also need sleep. So we have a plan, and he help made the plan – and he’s on board…. so lets just see if this works. Of course there are a few bribes like fancy lightning McQueen sheets ( this is the equivalent to 800 count egyptian cotton sheets for you or I ) and Lightning McQueen stickers ( equivalent to a mani/pedi)… and away we go – project in your own bed starts in 30 minutes – I’ll keep you posted.

On the food scene in our house – from 0-12 month I was always faithful in making all homemade meals for the triplets, but from 12-15 months I totally slacked off – hotdogs, grilled cheese, chef boyardi (sp?), kraft dinner – YUCK YUCK YUCK … but Im back on track with homemade meals and I feel so good about it. Im also determined to buy only organic. The only thing stopping us before was price – and my husband ( Mr Cheap-o) … but I’ve decided too bad, it’s important to me. So we are now a “mostly” organic family. šŸ™‚

Ei Ei O šŸ™‚


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