Somehow – I’m alive.

WOW. Really – WOW. I’m not really sure how I survived the last 72 hours. It one of those slang clichés – you don’t know how strong you are until you … well I forget the rest lol – but you know what I mean. When the triplets are sick it gets rough. We’re still not out of the woods yet – Alanna now has thrush and she and Benjamin are just getting through a bout of roseola but I did sleep last night SEE: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything seems so much more possible when you’ve had sleep – so possible in fact that I thought OK – snots clear, we’re no longer contagious let’s get these kids to Gymboree –ERR mistake!

It was a disaster, in the 6 odd months or so that I’ve been going there I’ve never been so humiliated by my own children in a child friendly environment. They were terrors. Screaming non-stop – we actually had to get up and leave the class. It’s funny, when you become a mom – you lose that embarrassment factor for many things – but I was still embarrassed by todays class. You see – you’re always on “show” when you have triplets, people are ALWAYS judging, always looking – and I mean, I would too – how many people do you see with triplets, you wanna know how they do it – if they can do it – if they’ll snap. So it’s hard when all three babies are screaming and everyone’s looking at you – like you’re about to have an ah-ha moment, but there wasn’t any of that – I simply picked up my troop – ok that’s a lie, I only had two arms, I picked up two and somehow dragged the other behind me – and we left. End of story, no special effects, no hero mom tactics, no fancy three- hold pickups – just me embarrassed walking out with all my kids. I’m happy we left, it could have gotten worse – but we’ve made out way home and now they’re all sleeping… again please see !!

On another note – last night I wished my eyes had built in cameras. You always seem to miss the exact moment that would have been “the” Kodak moment. But who knew it would happen walking from the car to the gym. Bradley has started a gym class which is inside my gym. He’s been to my gym before but always to the child minding room with the babies – but this time he was coming to the gym, because it was “his” gym. He was a “big” boy! He even carried his own gym bag and set his own combo to his lock for HIS locker! It was precious, he was so so thrilled that he was going to do “personal training” as he calls it ( it was really just a cardio class that us old hags ..err mom, go to to try to get our butts back in shape – but geared for the attention spans of 5 year olds) but none the less – to him it was personal training! He came out – and expressed “wow mom – look at how good my bones look” motioned to his elbow- WOW! I said – I wish I could have bones like that!

He warms my heart ❤


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