3 days

without sleep.
Sick Babies.
Over Exhausted mom.
Messy house.
No Groceries – no time for gorceries.
Too much business matters.
Older son has gym class tonight.
Surviving on pizza and chocolate.
Fighting with hubby.
I have a blisted.
I’m tired.
Too many unanswered phone calls.
Im exhausted.
It’s 10am and I’m wondering if it’s tomorrow.
Winter sucks with triplets.

2 Responses to “3 days”
  1. Sandibeach says:

    thinking of you…wish I could help!! I hope they feel better soon and that you find sleep..everything looks so much better when you have sleep!

  2. 4under4 says:

    Thanks Sandra!

    You’re totally right everything is better with sleep! … Ahh sleep ❤

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