We still have 4 kids

7pm – kids are asleep – another weekend has passed. We’re still alive, and we still have 4 kids, although I must admit I’m surprised given our activity today. We attempting going to the Museum of Science and Technology today without the aid of a stroller. It was interesting, it was almost like a game of chase – Daddy and Mommy were “it” and the babies wanted to see how fast they could run in opposite directions. It was the first time in their 14 months of being alive that we let them run wildly. It really wasn’t that bad – we left giggling and feeling quite happy. It was a workout and a challenge but it was also really really fun. I really enjoyed realizing the fact that these babies are truly individuals, yes – without choice they started out as peas inside me and were forced to grow confined beside their womb mates for 9 months, but they’re making it very clear to us that they are very very different people. Each baby was interested in their own thing, they travelled on their own, and they played with different things – it was really fun!


One of the highlights of for them was climbing aboard a mini rocket – of course I forgot my camera, so I did the best I could with my camera phone here’s a peek:


Lesson learned: Although it was fun to let them run, we’ve quickly realized that it’s going to be very, very easy to actually lose one of the zoo members while out on adventures. We’ve decided to invest in a large supply of safety tats – I don’t know if you’ve heard of them, but I think it’s brilliant. Before you head out you apply a temporary tattoo to each one of the monkeys. The tattoo is basically like a micro chip for a dog – but not quite invasive – (although the entrepreneur wheels inside me are starting to spin, I don’t think moms would go for mirco chipping their new bundle of joy) .. The tattoo has all the required information to get the kid back to us should they get lost – I know I know maybe it could be a blessing and we’d enjoy the afternoon off and it would be easier to just watch ctv news at 6 seeing if the profile a missing kid and then reclaim one of our zoo memebers, but really – I think the psychology bills in the long run might outweigh the fun afternoon – so we’re going with the tattoo – check it out – it’s cool, maybe I should I have had one in my college days when I drank too much? LOL http://www.safetytat.com/


Quick word on orange juice. In my last blog post you probably read how Brad and I were about to embark on an Orange Juice mission. We did and it was devine – yum yum yum! $20.00 in oranges actually makes quite a bit of OJ! I think we’ll make this a Friday night ritual, and have each weekend breakfast accompanied by a fresh squeeze OJ! J


Oranges about to be juiced!!                                Our first full pitcher – YUM!

2 Responses to “We still have 4 kids”
  1. KL says:

    Now there’s the attire I’m used to seeing Bradley wear!!! 😉

  2. 4under4 says:

    LOL!!! Benjamin is starting too – he hates clothes, what is it with my children LOL

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