When there’s a man down…

When someone’s sick in our house, it really takes a toll on everyone. Benjamin is down for the count right now, and when he gets hit – he gets hit hard. The thing with having triplets is that even if one baby is sick – you can’t actually properly take care of them, it’s quite challenging! Last night I slept from 10-12am – and then I was awake with the poor little fella from 12-4, while Keith slept and then Keith let me sleep from 4-7am and then it was up to deal with the circus. What’s hard if you have one baby you can spend the day cuddling and taking a warm bath together little cap naps etc, but what’s really tricky for me – is I have 2 other babies who are revving up to go go go, which obviously I can’t. So it’s pretty darn tricky!

Lauren has become the biggest pest of all these days – she is such a communicator, but she wants to communicate beyond her own capability so we get into big screaming matches of pointing and me repeatedly showing her any object that could possibly be the target of her “magic wand” aka finger to try and calm her “wants” down. I’m doing lots of naming – do you want the cookie? Shakes head no.. Do you want the crayon..shakes head no – do you want the keys – shakes head no – do you want the remote ahhh finally – anyway Lauren and I go through this charade several, hundreds of times per day. I’m thinking its going to pay off in the end because by this point – certainly she knows the name of at least 30% of things in our house from dust pan, to pot lights to toilet scrubber!

On days like today where Keith and I look at each other and say – shit I just don’t know what to do – because everyone screaming because nobody’s needs are getting met, I feel the worst for Bradley. And it’s the fact that he doesn’t lash out or get angry makes me feel even worse. He just minds his business and doesn’t make a peep until they go to sleep – he knows we’re stressed. So tonight my little guy and I are going on an Orange Juice marathon. I figure this marathon is good for a few reasons

  • He loves making juice so he’s doing something he loves
  • It take a long time so he’ll be engaged in an activity for awhile
  • It’s pure orange juice so all the family can benefit from the vit. C right now
  • It’s delicious. LOL

Beside our little sickness ordeals – personally I’m doing good. If you let your eyes wonder up top – during my first weight loss mission I lost 50 some odd pounds, I took a break for a while, but Im back at it – with another 50 or so to go – and then I’ll be happy. Im doing good thus far – I’ll make another counter when I have time – ya right – when I do have time!

So that’s it – there it is – when there’s a man down for the count – things get scary. But we’ll get through it – we always do!


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