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This morning I awoke at 4am, not by choice obviously – one of the dictators was awake – and proceeded to wake every other member of his zoo cage up with him to – so it was an early crack at the day. I was inspired though at 4am – when I received a “blog review” for the year 2010 from wordpress. I can’t believe the amount of readership we had throughout the year, and Im really really disappointed with myself that I didn’t keep up with the posts, but I promises this year – I’m going to blog way more than I ever thought possible, in part its due to this new fancy feature I’ve found through word – were you can actually blog in word and it’ll upload it to my wordpress account – awesome!

So where are we at since their birthday – life goes by fast with triplets ( thank god – lol)


My little goof ball – omigosh there aren’t words to describe him, he is so so so funny. He’s such a goof. I can’t imagine me an over controlling over planned and usually stressed out woman paired with my penny pincher, lifes too complicated, can’t take a joke husband managed to produce such an amazing “bundle of joy”. That’s what he is – everything is funny. Waking up this morning at 4am – was very very funny to him. Pulling off his diaper – a fully loaded diaper I must add too – is also very very funny. Simply putting a diaper into the garbage is a hoot for this guy! He’s so much fun! He’s also our biggest talker, I had no idea kids talked this much this early – he’s 14 months and says: Thank you, Dadda, Mamma, Car, Juice, Badie ( for Bradley), No, Yes, Up, Down, Open, Shut, Go, Night night, Ta-Tub ( bath tub), Choo Choo ( for train) and probably more Im just no thinking of – He also loves loves loves a show called four squares. Keith and I are convienced that the producers of that show must also be in the porn production industry… One of Bens favourite episodes goes something like this … A woman standing on screen saying ” Spread the legs” followed by her other tv mates spreading their legs.. “Spread the Cheeks” … and it continues on like that – we really do wonder J


My little Einstein! She’s so interested in the mechanics of things, she’s very independent and can amuse herself for hours on end by just a simple book. She amazes me. She also has this secret language – yes she has a few words, what I would expect from a one year old, but she has her own language, she can carry on a full conversation with me for over an hour ( yes I’ve tried) I really wonder what that girls thinking! She also continues to be our princess of the bunch she’s very delicate and very polite she’s a real love! I’ve come back up to this section after writing Petes section and realized I didn’t write quite so much on Alanna, but that makes sense – Alannas very easy, very simply a total pleasure – she’s one of those really really well behaved baby that would trick you into having another lol! – Although she did spend month 4-6 of her life screaming for reasons Im sure we’ll never know.

Lauren .. aKa Pete

If you’re new to our blog and are wondering how we went from Lauren to Pete – Pete has become short of her previous nickname P.I.T.A, and there’s no polite way to explain the acronym – Pain in the ass. She has been since she was conceived. I was convinced she was a boy – there was no way a girl could cause so much ruckus inside me, and so she was dubbed “Charlie”. She was always going to be my Charlie, until he – turned into a she at the gender scan. But it’s come full circle and she is now Pete – although her birth certificate reads Lauren Summer Boardman. She’s trouble. She’s fun – but trouble. As a baby she screamed, basically I think that episode all boils down to the fact that she wanted to move and she couldn’t. Once she could start to move it has never stopped. She has firmly established herself as leader of the pack and rules everyone, and tries hourly to rule me too. She is a very very determined little girl, with big big ideas – like jumping from the couch to the chair ( which are about 3 feet apart – it didn’t work so well ). We joke that she has her daddys looks but her mommys over achieving attitude! She’s very very funny too – and she has the greatest facial expressions!


Omigosh Bradley has EXPLODED. He’s not a baby – not even a preschooler, he’s a real boy. And he’s very very smart – of course I think that he’s my son lol but really he’s smart! I have to brag for a minute; he can do addition and subtraction, he can read, he can write any word you ask him to, and he’s excelling on social building skills, which I think is very important! He’s my real pride and joy he’s so helpful with the babies sometimes I wonder if everything is okay with him. There are days when I want to keep him home from school, just because he’s that helpful! We’re taking the whole family to Florida in April and I’m excited to spend some solo days with him at Disney World – he really deserves it for the crap he puts up with, but it doesn’t seem to bother him he loves those babies to no end – it’s amazing for me to see the sibling bond, as Im an only child.


On the last day of the year

Something really special happened to me on the last day of the year. It was a gorgeous day so the Lauren, Alanna, Benjamin and Bradley and I took a walk over to a grocery store close by. I met an incredible man. He came up to me with his very visibly handicapped son who was about 10 and said “I’m sure you get asked this all the time, but are they triplets”. I usually roll my eyes mutter something like yep what gave it away and walk away – but I could see his son was very interested in them so I smiled and said yes- they are! He said wow, I really like your stroller, my son here is a triplet, 10 years ago the triplet strollers weren’t fancy like that. We went on to exchange some small talk and as he was about to leave he looked them all over and said – they’re all healthy and gorgeous ( ok god Im tearing up as I write this) you’re very very lucky. I muttered out thank you but I was in shock at the courage this man must have had to come up to me and express how lucky I was to have healthy triplets, while he tried to calm his 10 year old son who was screaming violently by this point obviously because of his disability. I really didn’t know what to say to him, but I think it’s the reflection that I had about the event that maybe he was expecting me to have, that hit me the most. We are beyond blessed to have 4 healthy, gorgeous, smart and outgoing children.

Interesting article I found on raising triplets…


“No parent can carry three babies at the same time, and only with

great difficulty can they feed or transport them on their own. An

Australian study found that mothers with infant triplets expends,

between herself and paid or volunteer assistance, an average of 197

hours per week out of a possible 168 on the care and management of her

children and home. These hours did not contemplate time in the day for

the mother to bathe, dress, sleep, eat, relax or even talk to her




So that leaded me to the question – is  it harder to raise triplets than twins?... Maybe I'll get into that next post!


For now I'm off to prepare snacks for the afternoon!


Happy New year everyone!!



4 Responses to “Resolution – Blog More”
  1. Cheryl B says:

    You never cease to amaze me! You have the most uncanny knack for writing. I think you missed another calling so when you have some more spare time, perhaps look into this avenue.

    I am so proud and privileged to have been in your life for the past 27 years and now the lives of those precious children. I love you!

  2. KL says:

    YAY for more frequent blogging 😉

    XO to all!!

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