1 year ago..

I can’t believe it’s been one year since my little miracles came into the world.

It’s been rough. We’ve cried. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried some more. We laughed some more. We’ve become stronger better parents.

It’s been a year. It just FLEW right by .. I still cannot believe it’s been a year. I can remember the day like it was yesterday. Really I can, it’s a weird memory but I had just had a c-section and they wanted me to lie down and sleep but I refused I wanted up to see my babies – I squeezed my ass into that wheel chair and I made my way down to the NICU for every.single.feeding. They were my babies and I waited too long to let someone other than me care for them. šŸ™‚

Tonight they sat in the their highchairs stuffing their faces with chocolate cake and I watched in amazement. So much happens so quickly in a year.

Sometimes I sqwack about them, and complain – I think it’s only human given my circumstances but in all honest I love thoes little munchkins so friggen much. They are so beautiful, so healthy and so smart. Im so happy to have them and hold them. All of my children are amazing.

It’s time to brag:


Lauren can walk – very well. It’s nice to only have to carry 2 babies now! She can also say Up and down . she is also able to complete stacking puzzles – she’s s smart cookie


Benny loves to say “buh bye” and wave, he also says up, down and night night! He is able to stand up all by himself. He’s an amazing little boy he’s always captured my heart.


She’s so cute and pretty and soft ! She says buh bye, up, down,momma, she also loves playing “pass” with toys she’s also very close to walking!

They’re smart cookies – I can’t believe how much they’ve accomplished in one year. WOW!

I love my babies so much xo

2 Responses to “1 year ago..”
  1. Christie (aka CnC) says:

    Happy Birthday Triplets! I too cannot believe it’s been a year already!!! My time is flying by soo fast! It’s amazing to believe that they go from whomb to feeding, walking, and talking in just a year!

    I’m very happy for your very happy family Brigitte!


  2. Cheryl B says:

    Beautiful blog Brigitte! I love all those little people too! Oh…and I’M SOOOOOOOO FRIGGIN PROUD OF YOU AND KEITH TOO. Your kids are very lucky to have chosen your family to join. xoxo

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