Hello World

Omigosh. People havne’t fogotten about me. People still ready about out zoo. WOW – Thank you 🙂

Trauma in the Boardman residence.

We’ve made it through just about and entire year without someone getting injured ( well .. requiring medical attention) We had our first experience two nights ago. BOY! Let me describe the situation to you:

Keith has the girls in one bathroom giving them a bath – I have the boys in another bathroom – Bradley’s in the bath and Benjamin is crawling around “Exploring”. … Benjamin decides to explore the stand up shower. I notice him in there. I scoop him up and say “dont touch bo-bo” and I realize as I’m pulling him up that I’ve pulled his finger out from the drain. Here is what our shower drain looks like:

He had his finger stuck IN one of those holes and as I lifted him away – it tore out, taking a huge chunk of his finger with it. ( OK I say huge – he still has a finger but it was a big big gape) anyways the blood started pouring out ( that’s not an exageration) the blood was DRIPPING on the floor like  a tap drip drip drip.. BLOOD tons of it. Meanwhile Keith has 2 kids in the other bathtub and I have Bradley in another bath – kids + water + blood = total disaster. Anywho we manage to get everyone out of the water safetly while Im holding Benjamins finger tightly and keeping it elevated. We tried for ONE BLOODY HOUR ( hehe no pun intended hehe) to get the bleeding to stop – and it would as soon as we take off the gauze it started gushing. Anywho we decided we had to make the dreaded trip to C.H.E.O ( which I already had been there once that day ) … believe it or not, just as luck would have it – it had stopped bleeding when we arrived.

We went in just the same – waited TWO HOURS to get to triage – that means like the check in, they didn’t even swipe our health card and say take a seat for TWO BLOODY HOURS ( ya I know it’s getting lame but I love it lol).. Anywho the triage nurse was able to fix us up – she said we could wait 6hrs to see a Dr and get some stitches or we could head home, he’d have a dandy of a a scar but he’d live. I took the home route – and I’ve crushed Bens dreams of ever becoming a hand – model – sorry little buddy. But he now has a conversation piece and we’ve survived our first “emergency” with triplets! Big thank you to Cheryl (my godmother) who got to be part of the bloody event ( ok there Im done with the bloody puns eheheh)

And Alanna – that was my first trip to C.H.E.O that day – hers was scheduled though – although Im learning that even scheduled at a dr’s these days doesn’t mean anything – we waitted 1 1/2 hrs just the same. Anywho she has confirmed that what is in Alannas head is in fact a dermoid cyst for more information if you’re interested see here: Demoid Cyst. It’s kinda gross. Anyways she’s going to have her surgery in about 8 months or so, whenever we’re ready. I dont want to do it just yet. Im scared. Anywho she’ll also have a scare – but a great wise friend told me, perfectly beautiful isn’t always beautiful ( or something like that lol ) I loved it and it’s true – so alas Alannas bump will be fixed!

And for me – WHOA Im getting exhausted, I’ve opened a website – please please visit it! Spoiled Sugar It’s been super busy – so that’s fantastic!! Also Im doing personal training again – so I’ve been busssy!

Im also getting excited and planning the triplets FIRST birthday – I can’t believe we survived.. Here’s a peek at their Birthday Invite!

Well that’s it for now – thank you SO much for continuing to read



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