I dont know where time has gone, and I have left this blog  just sort of .. hanging – but Im back – in FULL force I promise to blog more often now.

There’s an excuse, a very very legitimate excuse. The triplets morphed into MONSTERS. Real monster. I swear as I bathed their sweet little heads at night I could start to feel tiny bumps in their heads – 2 of them – one on each side – the beginning of… devil horns.

From newborn up until about 5 months they were a charm. A ton of work and around the clock feedings but they were manageable. Somewhere around 5 months something “clicked” they realized – HEY I’m an individual, and that’s MY mom and I dont want to share her with these other two “things” that scream and cry – so maybe if I scream louder, and longer – she’ll pick me up first.  And so five entire months of my life were filled with non stop crying.

It’s stopped. We feel human again. The devil horns have retracted and we’re functioning as a normal family. We’ll even occasionally ALL seat at the dinner table and eat – together – its quite impressive!

Anywho that’s where I’ve been. Im happy to say now that I feel things are under control. Today is 1 month away from a big big we survived err.. Birthday Party, and Im really looking forward to it!

A lot has happened since I’ve last Blogged:

Lauren is now walking! She has 4 teeth – and she’s the heaviest of the bunch! This lady has an appetite! She’ll eat doubt what her brother and sister eat! And there’s no stopping her, she’s a toughy she gets what she wants and she gets it now! Although she’s …err… “tough”… She is also the biggest cuddler she loves lying and cuddling with you and “sings” when you rock her – it’s super cute – her favourite thing to do with the other babies is play peek-a-boo, she’s really got it down pat!

Benjamin had a rough go – from about 2 months until 8 months it was ear infection after ear infection after .. well you get the point. despite always having an ear infection, Benjamin has been the most pleasant baby ( I feel like I’m writing a school report here lol) Anywho – he has the nicest smile and is always so excited to see anybody – he doesn’t play shy at all! He really warms my heart – a real sweetie. We never thought Ben was going to get teeth, in fact we joked we were buying him dentures for his first birthday – but the past week – out popped a pearly white! – Finally!! Benjamin is the first and only one to say anything – he says “bye”.. SO cute!

The princess of the bunch! WOW! If someone has an attitude it this girl here. Although her brother and sister will fight for something – Alanna wont fight back, she’ll scream so loud – Im afraid the neighbours are going to think she repeated falls down the stairs or something. Alannas has very little patience – oh boy! She also has the most teeth – I think she’s at  6 now! She was also the first baby to climb allllll they way up the stairs, you can’t turn your back for one second! .. I think both my girls are SO pretty xo

Alanna did give us a health scare we found a “lump” in her head, and we had to wait a few months to get a brain ultrasound – thank god it was a non-canerous and we will likely have it removed for cosmetic reasons, it’s very small but she’s too beautiful to have any imperfections xo

Brads doing great – he started full day Montessori ( YAY!!!!) .. I mean – tragic?! lol… He’s a very smart boy and he’s SOOO good with his brother and sisters, it really is amazing how he transitioned into an amazing big brother. It’s really fun for me to see the bond he shares with the triplets, being an only child I never go to see that kind of relationship! Brad’s also starting to get a bit of an “attitude” which despite having to play the “mommy role ” to him, I secretly think it’s quite funny! He’s also getting to the point where he HATES when keith and I kiss – … The other day he saw us kissing and he said “EWWW sweet kisses gross”… I dont like this looks of this haha!!

So there you have it! We’re functioning, we’re making it and Im very proud of my family. It’s been a SUPER hard year, it has probably been the most challenging thing I have done, but the most rewarding. Speaking of rewarding, although I stopped updating my weight loss I haven’t quit. To date I have lost 67lbs since the babies! I’m almost there!!


3 Responses to “WOWZER”
  1. Cassandra says:

    Sometimes I think that you must be the luckiest women on the face of the earth, that they Gods have been smiling down on you and blessed doesnt even begin to describe you. Then other times I think that you must be crazy to survive your days … complete with smiles and jokes and even the fleeting thought of more babes.
    You have lost weight, opened a business, taken some trips etc. I simply dont know how you do it, Im sure that I would have curled up in the fetal position and prayed for death by now.
    You are truly something inspiring and I am really glad that I have been able to go from being someone quietly following you on an ivf website to someone who gets to be your cyber friend!

  2. KL says:

    YAY for an updated blog! I just want to squeeze them all! And Double YAY for the weight loss! Go team!! 🙂

  3. Christie (aka CnC) says:

    I’m glad you are back online Brigitte! I have been following your story since before your first try at IVF….man that seems like a lifetime ago some days (i was on my 2nd try). Anyways…..i check your blog about once a week looking for an update on you and all the kids and i’m glad to hear that things are ironing out!

    My miracle daughter has just turned 6 months, and I finally feel as though i can relate to some of the “baby/parenting” issues…..although i will never be able to relate to your crazy household! We commend you highly – you and Keith!

    The kids are all beautiful and it’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a year!

    I look forward to hearing more of your family stories!

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