Nap time in 15 minutes

I’ve never really captured this but I find this really interesting.  Our babies are totally different and I see it mostly in their sleep ways..

So this is how I put 3 babies to sleep – in under 15 minutes… lol

Lauren – is CRAZY. Which reflects her mood even during the day. She is all over the place, I’ve never met a more energetic baby EVER. Anyways to fall asleep I literally ( ok dont look up childrens aid) have to pin her down. I dont do it forcefully (most of the time 😛 ) but I have to massage her body with some pressure otherwise she is ALLLL over the place and would NOT fall asleep. She loves the “massage” that she gets out of it, and usually falls asleep. If you leave her alone without rubbing her she SCREAMS – of course waking the others and making everyone upset and the whole situation gets ugly. She’s pretty smart she gets almost all the attention at bedtime/naptime because I need to stay with her and rub her to sleep otherwise she is VERY expressive of her wants lol..

Alanna – although the most needy during the day, she is the worlds GREATEST sleeper. I have to make her a “nest” she loves blankets. She gets one blanket under her that’s all curled up around her, then she gets on blanket on her, and one blanket cozyed up to the size of her head. She also likes a soother to fall asleep. And voila that’s it, I dont have to do anything she falls asleep in a wink – its incredible!

Benjamin – I haven’t totally figured him out. He likes to be on his side and he likes to be bounced… so i’ll bounce him for awhile ( just like a little basketball .. lol you’d have to see it to get it) Once he’s relaxed he usually blabbles himself to sleep. He requires a combo of things though – there’s no sure fire way to get him out. But he doesn’t scream so he’s patient while I deal with his sister Lauren – and then I focus my attention on him – sometimes though he’ll do fine on his own an blab himself to sleep!

We always play the same Jewel CD for them when they go to bed, that’s their “ritual”.. and they seem to really know it now 🙂

Anyways that’s how I get 3 babies to sleep in 15 minutes 🙂

One Response to “Nap time in 15 minutes”
  1. Cassandra says:

    Wanna come teach me how to get ONE to bed cause right now it involves boobies, snuggling and taking up massive amounts of my king sized bed.
    The boy just wont go to sleep in his crib and I havent had the heart yet to make him 😦
    Maybe bouncing and pining in the key …. dont worry I wont call CAS lol

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