April Fools…

As some of my readers from Facebook know I’ve been planning a huge aprils fools on keith. I’m pregnant. – No not really, it’s only a fool who’d believe that – like Keith did.

For a week prior to April fools ( when I was supose to have gotten my period, but he thought I never did – boy was that hard to hide all the evidence) I kept whinning about feeling pregnant and ryhming off pregnancy symptoms and the like.. .. Then last night I got him to stop at shoppers… I went in ( he didn’t know what I was buying) and got myself some vitamins – and a pergnancy test…..

When we came home, I had a sample of his sisters urine ( who is currently expecting ) and I dipped my good ol’ stick and there and saw 2 lines.. I have to say there was a little twinge of jealousy – I mean I worked FOREVER to get to see two lines, but the prank was WAY better than a little bit of restment… ANYWAYS

So I tell him we need to talk and I break the news… He says haha April fools – and I was like no Keith I’m serious I just did a pregnancy test and it’s positive – so we walk ( ok he practically RUNS) to the bathroom to see the evidence – sure enough there it is… Then he demands to see the box – thinking maybe we’re not reading it right, he examins the box for a few minutes then says –

” well my sister probably just gave this to you”.. PERFECT timing we had just been to shoppers together so I pull out the recipt from shoppers and say “look I just bought this – you were there with me, it didnt come from your sister” his face DROPS ( he never thinks I would have collected my own little urine sample hehe).. So then he accuses me… ok wait for this…LOL… of an affair. He’s almost flat out mad ( ahhh I’m laughing writting this) he’s CERTAIN I’ve had an affair and that this baby just couldn’t possibly be his.. BAHHHHHHHHHH AHAHAHHAHAHA

OK – so we move over to the couch, and we have a chat he’s in TEARS, really he’s crying by this point ( I know not nice but I couldn’t help but find the hysterical part of it… ) He just keeps thinking, man what are people going to think, we look so stupid, we’re morons – then he says “when are the babies going to stop”.. That was the funniest part of it all!… Anyways so as you know if you read my blog I’m in insane diet mode – and he’s like well you might as well have some chocolates now – so I being “on stage” keeping up the joke I take a chocolate ( my FAV food of all ) put it in my mouth – PRETEND to eat it but then SECRETLY spit it out – MAN that was rough but it kept the fool alive!

So then we go to bed – apparently he didn’t sleep ALLLL night! In the morning I fessed up that it was all an Aprils Fools joke – he saw the humour in it, mixed in with a bit of peeved offness lol – he told me he almost left me last night – he said at 2am he almost walked out of the house BAHHH!!! LOL… Best prank ever πŸ˜›

Tonight when I got home from the grocery store I told him to look by the door that I bought something for him –Β  he asked me if it was a super sized pack of condoms BAHHH!!! LOL!!!!

April fools πŸ™‚

5 Responses to “April Fools…”

    Brigitte,I never realized you had such a
    mean streak or is it called devilment!Sounds like something your Aunt Christine would do.
    Tell Keith he has my sympathy.
    Love Ma Mere

    • 4under4 says:

      Mom always says that I reminder her of Christine – through and through πŸ˜›

      I guess her legacy of fools lives on πŸ˜›

  2. Kerri-Lyn says:

    LOL!!!!! That is so funny!


  3. Megan says:

    That was amazing!! LOVED every minute of it πŸ™‚

  4. Cassandra (supermom) says:

    OMG I am seriously crying from laughing so hard.
    That is the BEST prank ever …. I can envision it in my head
    Bah ha ha ha !!!!!!!

    Thanks for the laugh today!

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