OK – I certainly did go a little to long without a post. I’m sorry. I wish I could think of some fancy excuse like I was mashing up organic bananas for the kiddos or I’ve just been so busy with strollercizing classes but the fact of the matter is I’ve turned into a compulsive online shopper. I’m ADDICTED. I wrote a few days back on facebook that I’m addicted to this site etsy, I said “Someone stop me” – nobody paid attention to that post – I was serious. I’ve been absorbed by the site. It changes ever day. There’s better and better stuff all the time ( I know you’re itching to try it out already – TRY TO RESIST) anyways I must have purchased everything baby related that the site sells, my babies are going to be the HIPPEST babies around. lol! … It’s also made me want to open my own boutique – I get these crazy ideas all the time, but I reallllly want to open my own store!

ANYWAYS enough of me – I’m not stuck in my car without any formula I’m home and Im REALLY enjoying my life lately!

PITA – aka Lauren is compeltely figured out. She’s allergic to milk and soy and BOY now that she’s been on this special formual for just about 2 months she’s a totally different baby. She really is something that girl. To look at her she looks like a normal baby but there’s something about her. Her hair swirl goes counter clockwise, which is very very rare – and it is so fitting. She’s unique that girl. She talks allll the time she always has a story to tell you and although she makes shy and SCREAMS at the sight of someone other than the 5 other people that live under this roof – once she warms up to someone she is SUCH a sweety, and she smiles for hours. She’s doing really good developmentally to – she’s rolling places – she’s VERY mobile now she’s put together turn to tummy, turn to back and I can move so that’s fun to watch! She however is the least behaved in the stroller because she loves to move, and a stroller requires her to stay still – but she isn’t doing too bad she’s getting used to it !

Alanna – she’s a little slow on the draw, she goes through life at her own pace and is very very “intellectual” the other two babies will grab a toy and zip it into their mouth as fast as possible, Alanna will take a long look at it – examin it, understand it – and the possibly put it into her mouth, she’s a real smarty! However she’s not rolling yet- but she just just turned 5 months so I’m not overly worried – she sits AMAZINGLY and I almost wonder if maybe she wont roll. The other two seem to “Feed” off each other and want to do what the other one does and so on, but Alanna is quite content rolling to her own beat. Alanna is SO SO pretty – (so are the others) but Alanna just has this look about her, she’s very girly and looks amazing when I do “her up” it’s so much fun to “play dress up” with her!

Benjamin – is the FLIRT de jour! What a little fattie pattati he is! He’s a BIG BIG boy, he’s about 16-17lbs now. which is isane. He’s gained like 12 lbs in 5 months – had be been born full term and about 8lbs he’d be almost 20 lbs at 5 months – big big boy! He loves eatting too, it’s incredible! HE’s rolling around now and showing big signs in wanting to crawl, he brings his legs right up under his ribcage! … He has this smile about him that just warms my heart.

Bradley is doing good, he’s SUCH an amazing helper. I can’t even describe to you how helpful/responsible he is. People say to me allllll the time “oh I dont know how you do it”. Well I think to myself I dont know how I do it without Brad. I really dont. He was our little miracle and it’s almost like he came to us for a reason. And the babies just LOVE him, it’s like they relate to him better than anyone. It’s sad but if Keith and Bradley are in the room, and a babys crying I’ll ask Brad to help them before Keith because I know they’ll stop crying hehe!  Bradley also got a big boy bike this week!! He’s riding it now and I’m just so proud of him, my little baby sure is growing up way to fast!

Random comment – but I still have milk in  my boobs?… I haven’t been nursing for almost 4 weeks now and it’s still there. It makes me want to nurse again, so I tried the other night and Ben just sort of “played” with them and “sucked lightly” like a man would to a women or something and then it just all felt too weird so that was quickly the end of that. I guess they loose their “sucking power” when they get used to the bottle?!

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH biggest thing. My life has changed. Having triplets is easy now. I really have the gals at tripletconnection.com to thanks for this – but my trio wasn’t napping – IT was insane here for awhile. But thanks to their support I’ve got a routine and it’s AMAZING all the babies nap together at the same time. Its like magic. Every 2-3 hours of being awake equals 1 hour of nap time it’s GREAT. I can’t tell you how happy I am now.. This is what our schedule looks like now

5am – Wake up, diapers, change clothes, feed

530-800 – play time, diapers, feed, BED

10 -wake up, change, playtime

11 – feed,  play time

12 – nap time

2 – wake up, play time, change

3- feed, go for walk (sort of like a little name)

4 – home and play

530 – feed and bed

ITS fantastic. I mean the down side is I know exactly how my day is going to go every single day – but thats okay, their nap times are so nice because I can spend time with Brad 🙂

3 Responses to “MIA..oops”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    Sooo happy for you!! Can’t wait to meet them all!!

    XO KL

  2. Supermom says:

    Glad to hear that you have things under control, I am envious about your stroller classes, I am so unmotivated.
    I have heard about that website and others have an addiction too …. I havent even taken a peek because my willpower to resist shopping is close to zero.
    What are the chances of getting some updated pics posted soon? We all love seeing your 4 cuties grow!!!!

  3. Excellent post. Hope to read a lot more great posts in the future.

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