Multiple Love

Over the past few days, I’ve really started noticing the “marvel” of relationships that develop between multiples. I always knew people speculated that multiples could actually “feel” what the other was feeling, or said that they had some sort of special “bond”, I was never a believer or a non-believer of this fact – I guess somehow I knew I’d just find out for my own one day… and those days they are a coming.

Lately I’ve really started noticing the love, real honest pure true love that the triplets share for each other. It’s most obvious between the boys and the girls and not quite as much between the two girls, but it’s like a romance movie. A first love feeling. It’s incredible!

I’ve mostly been noticing the “love ” between Lauren and Benjamin… Lauren is in love with her brother. And rightly so they were very close together in the womb. They curl up next to each other, they “Star” gaze into each others eyes, they hold hands .. the actually “kiss” each other and they are just plain happy to be in each others company. It’s really touching to watch.

All three of them smile at each other and really know each other is there, it’s so cute!  And the funnier thing is if they are beside another baby who hits them or “get into their space” they FREAK .. right out – but they know each other and they love each other and no matter who does what to do – they love it ( omigosh … I must make a note to re-read this in 3 years when they are beating each other over lego blocks!)

Anyways – its just really cool see this “bond” evolve that people talk about.

Something VERY SAD has happened. I’ve stopped breastfeeding. I’m really really upset about this. Who knew? But Benjamin was just plain out NOT interested in it anymore. He REFUSED he kicked me pushed me screamed at me – was not interested AT ALL in doing it. So it’s done. Last night I was just about in sobs in the bath trying to squeeze milk into a cup to give him some in his cereal. LOL…. But I realized it’s over, it’s okay we had “our time” and now it’s time to move on. I never quite understood mothers who breastfed their children until they could practically have a full on conversation WITH their child about breast milk, but now I get it. It’s about letting go. It’s the same kind of rip you feel in your heart when they go to school for the first time, it’s a detachment from you, it’s a realization that this kid can survive without me. It’s odd letting go. It’s hard. But I’m half way there!

On another note, I’m starting to really love them. I know it sounds horrible -“What you didn’t love your baby from the moment you met them” .. NOPE. I knew this would happen though, I dont think I loved Brad until about 3 months -I knew he existed and I that I ran to his every need, but the bond didn’t develop until that point. For the triplets it’s taken a bit longer – and I think rightly so – I haven’t really been able to “enjoy” them because it was production 24/7. But now that we’re getting into a well established routine and less screaming the bond is developing.

The other day I went out for a few hours to get some errands done… and I actually MISSSED them. hahah! Really for moms of triplets who read this – they know what I’m talking about, sometimes you sneak out for groceries and on the way home you just “happen” to take a wrong turn to waste a few extra minutes before having to return home to the zoo. It happens. I’m not alone. I know it! But this weekend I WANTED to go home – wow – now that’s love 🙂

PS thank you thank you thank you to everyone who still reads xoxo

9 Responses to “Multiple Love”
  1. Kate says:

    Hopefully now that you’re not dealing with BF, you’ll have more time to enjoy your kiddies. Glad they’re winning you over!

  2. Kerri-Lyn says:

    Always reading… XO

  3. Angela Tew says:

    I loved the part about missing them and taking some extra time when you’re out. It’s so true. I’ve been out doing something and on the way home I say that I don’t want to go home. It’s nice to have the peace away from the chaos for a bit 🙂

    I’m sorry about the breastfeeding. It was hard for me too. I miss it, but it does make it easier.

    It is really amazing how the things you write totally relate to my life. I feel like you are living my life, which is somewhat odd 😛

  4. Megan says:

    Love the updates.

    Do you know how I can get it to email me when you update?

  5. geetya says:

    I’ve always been readin your blog.

  6. geetya says:

    it’s vancouverwoman by the way:)

  7. Cheryl B says:

    My darling god-daughter —- -you loved them all along…you just didn’t realize how much until now. You are the most amazing young woman I know and I’m so proud to have you in my life. ….ALL of you! xox

  8. jrhansen says:

    I, too, will always be reading! Thank you for the update. I bet in a week or two you’ll be relieved not to be a milk producer anymore…time has a funny way of creeping up on you just like underwear!!!! lol Time changes things and your trips are growing up! Enjoy the new bond/love.

  9. Anne (Tigerlady) says:

    I always check your blog!! Love the updates!

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