Is this what a nervous breakdown feels like?

eww weee! What a stressful little bit its been.

I’m sure by this point I have very few readers left but this is my little corner of peace so why not write just the same 🙂

I feel terrible that I dont blog much – I really ought to but theres so little time. On a good day I have enough time to brush my teeth – my godness my hygenist is going to have a field day scrapping off plaque. (ew I know.)

So what’s new… hmmm where to being

Lauren has been SOLVED. apparently she needed Nutramigen it’s a hydrolyzed formula that’s insanely overpriced but it works so I love it! .. It gets better though I’ve found out that I can actually get it covered through my insurance (whoot) that’s one less baby to feed – Nutramigen for everyone lol! Lauren has really surprised us – she’s taking over the milestone world by stone. And to think 2 weeks ago we were at the dr’s office complaining about her crying and saying that she’s going to miss all milestones because all she does it cry – well she sure showed us! She was the first to roll ( from tummy to back) and she loves it! She was also the first to laugh – I mean the others laugh a little .. but like Laugh out LOUD – really loud, and it’s so cute, it’s the most devilish little laugh youve ever heard -so fitting for her personality. She’s also been the first to show “separation anxiety”… OMIGOD MY BABIES KNOW WHO I AM AND APPRICIATE ME that’s what I felt like yelling out loud when it happened! My inlaws were over and babysitting and I handed her off while we escaped for our weekly date night  ( I dont know what I’d do without it! My inlaws are a blessing!) anyways she screamed for her mommy it was SO precious!…

Benjamin is our little power house, he’s over 15lbs now ( he eats…. ALOT ) and he grows everyday! He’s a great sleeper and he’s strong! He was the first to really master looking at something and then grabbing it – he loves to “bring the house down” he lies in his play house and pulls the toys down so hard I think the entire thing is going to collapse on him! He refused the breast last week which was really odd – but he’s taken to it again and so we’re back breastfeeding – just now and then a little love snack – thats all 🙂 I can’t keep up with him he eats 8oz every 4 hrs – it’s madness!

Alanna – is so beautiful! Her skin has become this dark native looking skin and her hair so blond, folks always comment about how dark her skin is – it really is something. Alanna has been the most active in rolling from her back to her tummy, she hasn’t got it – but is inches away!!!

Bradley has just gotten off a case of server diarrhea – boy am I glad that’s over! As usual he’s been the best big brother! We need to work on his potty mouth though – which he comes by honestly with a dad like Keith. Asshole seems to be his favourite word these days, this morning I over heard him trying to get nemo ( our 100lbs black lab) to move out of the way after several attempts at pushing him I heard “get out of the way … friggen asshole”. How do you not laugh? But like the responsible parent I *try* to be I said Bradley can we please not use that word in our house anymore? ( I hear it all too often) To which he replies – Nemos just a dog he doesn’t have feelings.. PERFECT! How do I argue that lol!!

Anyways that’s all thats new – same old same old with me, still working on loosing weight – MAN  it goes on so much easier than it goes off. But I’ll get there I have faith. I’ve been sleeping more now which is nice and we’ve just started being able to “look back” 4 months ago and think… oh my god, really how did we do it? I really dont know how we did – this has got to be the hardest job on the planet – raising triplets, it’s a HUGE deal, it’s rough – and I think that I better have a pretty sweet retirement at the end of this because I deserve it – and I’m not afraid to say it. 

Alright it’s 7:30 – bedtime ( isn’t that sad)………….

Oh one more thing. I’m a little cheesed about having triplets sometimes it’s so hard to do ANYTHING. Really – I’ve been *trying* to get groceries for FOUR days now… I can’t wait until it warms up because those babies better get used to being mobile because we’re venturing out – stares and all….

Oh and one last thing…. the other day I ventured to the mall with my mom – friggen stroller doesn’t fit in any stores but it was still nice to get out – the most comical question I always get asked is “are they yours” I just LOVE it… Some random lady actually said “is there a baby in every seat”… BAHH it’s too funny the comments…. One that was really nice was a genuine lady came up to me who saw me being stopped a bagillion times and said “it’s too bad that all these people who bother you with questions dont actually come and help you at home!”… TRUE DAT!

7 Responses to “Is this what a nervous breakdown feels like?”
  1. Sandibeach says:

    Keep blogging… I think you’d be surprised who reads it…still lots of followers…love hearing your story… can I come visit soon?

  2. Amanda says:

    I am still reading. Look forward to all of your updates!

  3. Kate says:

    Sounds like things are going pretty well, all considered! Glad all 4 of your kiddies are thriving, and I’m amazed you’re coping as well as you are on your own with them.

  4. Kerri-Lyn says:

    Always looking for updates… glad everyone is doing well! 13 more weeks til our ROADTRIP!!!! START THE CAR! START THE CAR!!

    Love you! XO KL

  5. Angela Tew says:

    What, you didn’t just borrow three babies and run around doing errands? But I thought that’s what always happened when I saw three babies together. People crack me up with all the comments. If I have to hear that I have my hands full one more time I think I may actually scream. Britton hears it so much everytime that we go out that he just told me the other night that I have my hands full.

    It’s good to hear everyone is doing well and you were able to get insurance I cover the formula. I think if you have more than 2 babies insurance or the government should cover the cost. I mean who has at least $100.00 a week for formula anyways? And then diapers, really? I think us parents of multiples need some kind of assistance for the first year 🙂

  6. Megan says:

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed sooo hard about what Brad said to Nemo LOL

  7. Cheryl B says:

    Write whenever you can……it helps keep me up to date with your life when we can’t connect. Love you!

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