I have a minute…

Phew! These minutes are few and far between – but I’m managing to squeeze one in.

Our updates…

Bradley – poor thing last night he was screaming his head off, I’m assuming he had an ear infection – its so nice that now I am no longer practicing veterinary medicine with him and he can actually tell me what’s wrong. I wanted to know if he had hurt his ear – or if infact it was an ear ache. So I asked him – did you hit it somewhere? “No mom, it just came by itself”. Then I said well does the outside of your ear hurt?.. He said no it’s on the inside. Then for about 1 hour he SCREAMED. I have never heard that kid scream like that, not when his teeth went threw his lips, not when the DVD player split open his head, or when he got a black eye it was horrible. So I sent Keith on a mad dash to shoppers for help. I dont know what bedtime is like in your house, but this happened right at bedtime. Screaming triplets and a screaming 4 years old – SCARY. Anyways here I am going back and forth between crib and brad trying to calm everyone down. And then what came next would break ANY moms heart. Bradley has NEVER been jealous of the triplets. He loves thoes babies as much as we do – almost as if he knew how hard we had to work as a family to get them here. He does anything for them and helps ALL the time. Anyways through his tears he managed to mumble – as if he was a hundred years wiser than what he is knowing the stress of raising triplets – “mommy, can you just for a minute lye with me please.”………WELL talk about mommy water works too. My heart just broke, it was as if he knew I was trying SO hard to calm everyone down but he was just in so much pain he just wanted his mommy for a minute. And belive me he got it 🙂

Bradley is just the most amazing big brother there is! He has become so helpful (although his independence and self sufficient ways drives me crazy sometimes) he’s such a good big brother. Today he came running to me “Mommy, where are the wipes”… RUGH why do you want the wipes ( he tends to bathe himself in pampers wipes when were not paying attention)…One of the babies had a spit up – okay they’re on the couch – and off he goes to get a wipe and fix the baby all up- WHAT a champ he is!

Now for me – SCREW you scale. Weight loss is not budging. GAH GAH GAH. Anyways I have a plan – I’m not going to go on about it I dont feel like talking about it – but there’s a plan in the works. ESPECIALLY – oh my bloggers I haven’t told you THIS. I went into a local kids clothing store around here – and the sales clerk said to me “oh you must be over due”…UMM NOOOO I had my triplets 11 weeks ago THANKS. Anything nothing gets your ass in gear for weight loss then a comment like that.

The babies are doing well. We’re really starting to figure each other out and things are becoming MUCH more manageable. My crying days are fewer and fewer apart.

Little Milestones to mention:

All are smiling ( have been for awhile)

Benjamin is almost 13lbs and the girls around 12

Benjamin is JUST about to roll over he sort of wobbles on his side

Lauren can raise her entire chest off the ground when lying on her tummy

That’s all for now folks 🙂

One Response to “I have a minute…”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    Sooooo glad you had a second to update! Hugs to Bradley! Such a sweetheart. No hugs for anyone else, he needed one all to himself 🙂

    XO KL

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