First Visit to Cheo


Depsite my efforts to keep the triplets in a bubble of protection – my efforts have failed. Bejamin had his first visit to Cheo yesterday.

So I’m “tightning up the ropes”…. no more visitors, way less outtings and much more purel. But depsite my efforts I’m sure there will be relapse at some point. We can’t exactly kick Brad out of the house for a year – and lets face it kids are germ bags – and Bradley just got over a cold – it’s little wonder where Ben caught it from.

I’ll always remember when it happend. We were visiting my mom Sunday Dec 27th 5pm – cough. It was the most horrible cough I’ve ever heard come out of a little body – we thought at first maybe he had choked on a bit of spit up – and I was hoping that was the case – but the night proved otherwise. I was up all night with a very upset baby. That morning we made our way to cheo. ( Ben and I)

The service I recieved from the “attending staff” was great – the dr however was a complete asshole. He basically told me he has brocholoitis a form of RSV ( every preemie mom knows about RSV, if you don’t google if) handed me a brochure – told me if he has more difficultly breathing, he turns blue, or stops breathing for 20 seconds or more to bring him and have a nice day – WTF   – that’s kind of a scary note to go on.

On a good note – he hasn’t broken a fever, he has no mucous in his lungs and he seems to be in good humour – still smiling and talking away! I’m hoping that we’re getting through the next few rough days and then he bounces back – He’s a strong little boy – I have faith.

My faith in breastfeeding though has gone out the window. LOL….. The girls get occasional – very occasional breast milk ( maybe once a day) Ben however has breastmilk with every feeding – they said breast milk will help protect against colds etc etc well BS the girls are doing well and he’s first to come down with something – hmmm I have my suspicions – none the less we’re still bf’ing.

The girls are still in great health fingers crossed that they dont get it – YA RIGHT  – I’m bracing down for a few days – maybe weeks – of hell as the bug goes around and around.

Well off I go – counting bens breaths ( really how can a mom sleep with info like that from the dr)….

Happy New year to all my readers xoxoxo


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