Looking back – and Looking forward

I’m absoulty amazing that I managed to pump through the last two months. Completely and utterly stunned – looking back, I have no idea how I did it? Was I crazy? But  I’m so happy that I did do it.

I have no idea how we’ve managed to get where we are now – I dont know how any mother of higher order multiples does it – but I guess you just do. It’s survival mode – and basically that’s it.

Things are getting better – we’re 2 weeks away from 3 months ( how did that happen?) and things are loosly starting to come together, the babies are now recognizing things and are amused by things – which helps HUGE when you’re trying to get things done. – Here look at this rattle while mommy makes a bottle – is much  better then the screaming that was going on before.

The babies had their first Vacinations on Dec 23rd. They each recieved 2 needles and handled it all like a pro. Alanna however – decided to fling her arm infront of the needle and got sliced by the needle on her hand – I think that was more painful for her than the two injections. Following the needles about 3 hours after Alanna and Ben began to HOWL – the poor things, it was the first time they were given tylenol and it worked like a charm – Lauren on the other hand wasn’t at all bothered by it! ( the other two settled after one dose of tylenol!)

Individual updates:

Alanna – well she is now officially our diva. She’s very tall (60th percentile for a full term babies height…lets not forget these are preemie babies!) She’s very reserved – smiles but not like an excited baby – you have to work to make her smile and she will but only for a second and then it’s back to “prim and proper” I’m surprised she didn’t get a louis vuitton handbag from Santa! … She flat out refused to sleep during the day – no way and is the last to go to sleep at night. She’s very well manner throughout the day but will SCREAM to be fed if you miss her first warning. She loves sleeping in and is the only one to go back to bed after the 6am morning feed – she’ll sleep until about 9am. She has gorgeous long fingernails – they are really stunning! As of their Drs appointment Alanna was 10lbs 7oz

Lauren – well PITA has certinaly transformed herself. She seems to have become more comfortable with the idea of being alive. She loves her environment now and will take pleasure in looking at things – but she gets bored. Quickly. She can spend about 15 minutes per “activity” but then needs to be changed. She loves LOVES to smile she is a very giggly girl and looks so happy! She loves her tummy and tummy time for her is probably the best time of day for her. She also loves sleep. And needs sleep otherwise she becomes very angry. (hence PITA) I know this is a big no no but pita sleeps on her tummy – dont throw rocks!- it’s the only ONLY way she’ll sleep and she loves it. She’s very strong on her stomach and can move her head from side to side and I’m not really at all worried about her. She has become more of the Tom Boy and enjoys being with her brother – as of her last drs appointment she was 10lbs 8oz

Benjamin – aww what a sweetie. This baby is definitely one of the happiest babies on the block. He loves to talk – he babbles so much I’m surprised he isn’t actually talking yet lol. He’s great for interacting and playing with and he smiles alll the time! It’s rare to hear him crying and he can amuse himself for hours. He actually makes himself laugh – he’s a bit of a goof! Ben is the star breastfeeder – infact he gets more than 90% of the share – he’s just THAT good. Lauren will come on occasion and Alanna really wont have anything to do with it – it’s as if she expects gold nipples or something!….

Bradley – he’s doing good, but it’s been horrid lately with him home from school. It’s CRUCIAL that he goes to school because I just can’t entertain him all day. I can’t believe he’s 4 now 🙂

And I – I have decided to embark on a little journey. My blog brought me through 9 months of pregnancy – and now my blog is going to take another spin. It’s going to take me through 12 months of weight loss. …. My goal is to blog my weight loss progress as I embark on a one year diet/fitness regime. I still have 20lbs of “baby weight” to loose and I’d like to loose an additional 55lbs – that totals 75lbs to go in 365 days – will make it?….

Word count 799 – babies now screaming – can’t believe I got in this long of a post before the screaming – off I go 🙂

2 Responses to “Looking back – and Looking forward”
  1. Kat (babatime) says:

    You just keep amazing me!! You go Brigitte!! You can do anything you want and accomplish it as you desire.


  2. Kateryna says:

    You are amazing! I have 6 months old twins and you give me inspiration!!! I am too planning on loosing about 60lb in the new year and it so amazing you’re going to be blogging about it!!!!

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