6 weeks

PHEW! Time flies – I cannot imagine that the children are almost 7 weeks, wow! Quick updates….

Biggest news:

— Babies are now sleeping 4 hour stretches which is really helpful for mommy and daddy!

My update:

I’m still pumping/breastfeeding, but I’ve finally set a “stop” date. Keith returns back to work in Jan so end of Dec. is when I’ll be calling it quits. I simply cannot pump and take care of three bambinos! Although Benjamin has become and amazing AMAZING breastfeeder, like I can latch him on with my eyes closed, so I may continue b/f’ing him after Dec because it doesn’t really take any effort or time. I’m going to work on the other two as well to hopefully get them latching on – a snack or two of breast milk a day – would be great!….

I had my 6 week post partum follow up. You know what? My ob, who isn’t a young lad… said I’m the most amazing and by far the best triplet pregnancy he has EVER seen. That really made me feel like a million bucks – I cannot believe it! Everything healed perfectly he said my scar was immaculate and all is good. My damn blood pressure is still really low – We’re trying to figure out why I have low blood pressure – hopefully we can get that sorted out. We brough all three babes to the appt – what a spectacle. That was only the 3rd time we’ve been out in public with them all and what a circus. I’ve learned to not make eye contact with ANYONE other wise you simply get stopped way to much! … It’s as if we have 8 babies! Anyways I’m super proud of our pregnancy!


What a smart little fellow. I’ve been totally blowen away by the progress he’s made at school this year. Keep in mind he’s not even four yet – he’s still three( for a few more weeks ehhe) and now he knows

– his left from right , I cannot believe that!!

– He can count to 50 in english and french

– He knows all his provinces and contents

– He can recognise written numbers to 10!

I’m so proud of him. He also had his first sleep over at his nanny’s house the other day. It was a really nice break for mommy and daddy!! Also his birthday is coming up – we have a great party planned at Cosmic Adventure I can’t wait!

Lauren (a.k.a pita)

Poor her, she cries 12/7 ( she sleeps perfect at night thank god) …. I think we’ve found the solution though, We’ve changed her formula to sensitive and started gas drops. ( I have to add in I started this post at 6am, it’s now 6pm and I’ve worked on it several times lol… almost finished haha) Besides the crying she’s doing well – growing like weeds. I love love love playing dress up with the girls so much fun! She’s very hard to please though – she doesn’t like swings, nor bouncy chairs or the play mat – but she seems to like curling up in the breast pillow, hopefully that’ll work for her!


Alanna is loosing the position of angel to Ben, although not by much! She’s awake and cranky every day from 6-8pm but as soon as we put her down to sleep at 8 then she’s good and she’s all happy again the next morning so it’s really not all that bad! … She’s the only one who hasn’t had to experiment with different formulas, very easy going baby! At first I thought Alanna was a little on the…..ugly side ( bad mommy I know!) but now she’s beauitful… I guess her “baby imperfections” are leaving and she’s just so gorgeous now! She has amazing finger nails – maybe she’ll be a model for fancy nails lol!!


Ben is doing SO well, he’s huge now – he’s just about 10lbs ( how did that happen?) –

Ben is a breast feeder extra-or-dianaire! You know you hear people just breastfeed without much effort – well Bens that baby who can do that, it’s really nice! He’s also a super happy baby – of the 3 of them Benjamin is the most interactive, he loves people and smiling  – boy is he a smiler! He also sleeps well and is content most of the day – his fav. piece of baby “equpiment” is a hand me down fisher price swing ( thank you Bronia!) he could live in it all day!

OHHH – and we recieved our $1500 gift certificate from Jean Coutu, I think that’s amazing that they give that to all triplet families – really really great! Such a big help!!

4 Responses to “6 weeks”
  1. Megan says:

    Sounds like everything is going well – very nice to *see* that 🙂

  2. Kat (babatime) says:

    So nice to hear you are getting a bit more sleep.
    You are doing such a great job Brigitte.

  3. Kerri-Lyn says:

    Surprising that the little man of the bunch is easiest one to breastfeed! LOL LOL

  4. Roxanne says:

    So glad to hear everything is coming into place… You are an amazing mom and they are all so luck tou have you!!!
    I live in Orleans and I just realized you were as well, if ever you need any help please let me know, I would love to!!!
    Take care.

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