6 weeks tomorrow!

WOWZER! We’ve been doing this multiple parent thing for almost 6 weeks – time speeds right by!

Of course I have like zero time to write, but I’d like to capture a few things to remember and share with you!


Still the princess of the bunch, although she has found out that she has lungs and when used mommy or daddy react. Although they dont get used often. She’s the easiest going of the bunch and SUCH a pleasurable baby to be with. She’s a fantastic cuddler and loves to nestle right under your chin,  it feels so good to hold the little miracle!… She has major issues with reflux. She refuses to burp – although after 20 minutes or so of coaxing we usually can squeeze out 1 burp, but she always spits up – and being the laid back baby she is – it always manages to come out through her nose. Not fun, poor little girl. When she’s awake she’s very still and loves taking everything in – she’s a real observer


Ohh out little p.i.t.a  she’s a great baby – but HIGH HIGH maintance. She loves being the center of attention, and I swear she forgets she shared the womb with some wombmates – she things she’s a singleton forsure. She wakes up generally around 6am and doesn’t nap or sleep until ohh 8pm and during that entire time she wants to be entertained, if left alone or unoccupied she’ll scream and MAN can she scream. She’s still the smallest of the bunch and I think she’ll be a pretty petite gal!


Ben is the furthest along developmentally – he’s a very interactive baby loves smiling and looking at faces. He also is aware that he has hands. He loves being on the play mat and batting the toys and listening to the chimes. He doesn’t know how to use his hands quite yet but he knows that swinging them around will get some kind of reaction for something near by. He is still a hard feeder – he’d drink 24/7 if we could afford that much formula 😛 but he has to be burped every 10z… A big big mommies boy already 🙂

They are all amazing sleepers, they somehow know their night and days perfectly. There is never any fussing at night ( besides feeds) and they always go right back to sleep after their feeds.

I’m doing well, learning tips and tricks along the way. I’m still breast feeding (GO TEAM BOOBIES).. I really dont get much, I’d say on an average day I get about 12oz ( for the whole day ) but that’s 4oz each and better than nothing! I’m not sure why it’s so important to me that they receive breastmilk but it is, so I pump like mad all the time!

I’m personally feeilng a little run down looks wise. Pretty unkept, but I’m  sure that’ll pull itself together soon!

Bradley is doing great – he really reacts well to his sibilings and he’s SUCH an amazing helper. For some reason he’s completly in LOVE with the babies poop. He finds it a fantastic activity to look and report about the babies poop… So he’s been nicknamed the “poolice” haha! His birthday is coming up – Ican’t beleive he’ll be FOUR years old..my baby .. time flies!!!

Well babies are fussing – not time again for spell check –


2 Responses to “6 weeks tomorrow!”
  1. Poolice? I LOVE IT! Why is he enthralled with it? Because A.) He’s a boy…. and B.) there is NOTHING better than the study of poop. Poopology 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re doing good. Thanks for the update blog… I was beginning to “wonder” !!!!

  2. Leanne says:

    Have you tried “massaging” the stubborn burpers back? This was the way it was with my twin B. He was a stubborn burper and he often threw up through his nose as well. (Thank you severe acid reflux. 😦 ) Anyways, when we massaged his little back especially around the shoulders he seemd to burp better. (A trick from the NICU nurse)

    Oh and the whole looking deshevelled thing, I don’t think really goes away. THe boys are nine months old and I still look like crap. If I get a shower in on a good day, I’m happy! 😀

    Great job on the BFing. Every litle bit counts!!

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