It’s about time..

So it’s quite obvious that this post is well over due, but it’s also to be expected – I just hope I haven’t lost too many readers 🙂

So whats new?… ORGANIZATION city!….I love being organized and having things planned, and being a mom of triplets having to be organized is crucial to the success of anything – if anything is going to happen, so it’s great. Just to give you an idea of what days with triplets looks like here it is:

7:00 am – Changing bums, cleaning faces, changing outfits if necessary

7:30am – Feeding take 1, 2, 3 — and pump

8:30am – Restock baby nighttime central ( aka our room) for the next evening. Restock wipes, diapers, clothes, receiving blankets – change the garbage ( there’s ALOT of diapers), clean up and gather all nighttime bottles to bring downstairs for sanitizing. Try to brush teeth take a shower ( ya right) and whatever other “me” activities I can fit in…at this point I’m happy if I can brush my teeth.

10am – Changing bums, cleaning faces, changing outfits if necessary

10:30am – Feeding take 1, 2, 3 — and pump

11:30am – Run downstairs restock day time baby central – (we’re taking a package of wipes/diapers PER day)

12:00pm – Migrate babies and everyone downstairs for the day

12:15pm – Start to sanitize and clean bottles from over night and prepare new ones for the day – TRY to eat breakfast

1:00 – Bradley arrives home from school and Changing bums, cleaning faces, changing outfits if necessary

1:30 – Feeding take 1, 2, 3 — and pump


…. Anyways you get the picture, it NEVER ends!

Breastfeeding is going better. I’m still not the mother Theresa of breastfeeding, BUT I’ve started a drug that’s supposed to increase breast milk supply. Currently I’m able to give each baby one entire bottle, but what I do is take that one bottle and separate it over the bottles for the day. Some is better than none they say. Today is day 1 of the drugs but I’m hoping to be able to up it to 2-3 bottles per day!

Babies are doing INCREDIBLE, they are not preemies. I know they were born prematurely but by no means do they act like preemies. Ben and Lauren have already made considerable amount of progress in holding up there heads without help! (YAY) they are growing like weeds, they are each about 7.5lbs each and they turned 1 month today!! They are doing incredible, I’m so proud of them. They actually have outgrown the “newborn” diapers and into size 1!!

We have a nurse that comes by once a week, who helps me with stuff and weights the babies and checks on their progress, she’s really blown away by them, everyone is! GO TEAM!

The days are getting better for me – MAJOR MELT DOWNS have happened over the last few weeks, which I’m sure is to be expected – but I finally feel that we have our feet on the ground, we’re finally understanding each baby and we’re getting to know who needs what and how to do things with them! Each baby is sort of known for certain things:

– Alanna is notorious for spitting up threw her nose ( talk about a party trick) I’m not sure why she does this, but she doesn’t seem bothered by it!

– Ben is our hardest feeder, he has to be burped after every ounce or else he gets terrible TERRIBLE (keep you up all night kinda) gas so he’s a slow eater

-Lauren, is well….renamed as P.I.T.A ( pain in the ass), she’s VERY social and VERY affectionate which is hard when there are THREE babies, but cute none the less ( except at feeding times) she loves being held and involved and part of the game.

Every single day I think how incredibly fortunate I am. I have 4 incredibly wonderful children, I am so so SO blessed!!


PS there is NO time to proof read – so sorry if half, or all of this doesn’t make much sense



6 Responses to “It’s about time..”
  1. Kateryna says:

    You are awsome! Thanks for the honesty and I love your blog!!! Always wait for new posts!!!!

    Mom of 4 month old twins 🙂

  2. Kerri-Lyn says:

    YAY! So happy to see an update! Keep up the good work team! Thinking of you all often!

    XO KL

  3. Kat (babatime) says:

    Brigitte you are my hero! You are doing amazing.
    Go team go.

  4. Megan says:

    You are truley amazing!! *hugs*

  5. Val says:

    Ditto for what Kat said – you are my hero! Thanks for updating us – I look forward to hearing your stories! Sounds like you are doing great and I am glad the bf’ing is going better!

  6. cassandra (Supermom) says:

    I always look forward to reading your updates.
    I am so impressed with you, YOU should be named Supermom lol

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