Will pay for sleep

whoa – mega lane change since yesterday. Night 2 with twins – HARD. Sleep – who needs it right? I DO!!

I almost get why some parents want to “leave” their 3rd baby at the hospital. Now we’ll never sleep. It’s not that the babies dont sleep – they are heaven sent, but there’s just SO much to do between each feeding and what not that it feels like each feeding runs into the next, with pumping, charting everyones “progress”, feeding diaper changes – I NEED SLEEP!! All I can say is thank god we dont have fussy babies because we simply dont have time for that.

We actually slept through one feeding, we missed it by an hour – now that throws off the entire routine… but hopefully we’ll get back on track again… here’s what our schedule looks like

9:00am Change/feed/burp babies

10am Pump bottles for next feeding and chart what each baby did

11am Try to organize stuff for next feeding, about 15 minutes to breath ( or blog in this case)

12pm Change/Feed/Burp

and it goes on and on like that for the rest of the day – my days are on 3 hour cycles.

Dont get me wrong I love it – so much! They are great babies – sometimes I just wonder hmmm can I really do this? But the babies are 10 days old so I guess we’re doing something right?

Benjamin will be coming home today – Keith is gone right now to take him home – no more NICU for us. HIP HIP HORRAY!

I’m very proud to say that in total I was only without all of my babies for 4 days – impressive I must say 🙂

Well – it’s almost time to feed again – time to get things ready!

7 Responses to “Will pay for sleep”
  1. Megan says:

    I am so glad to see you are adjusting so well…you must be in full mommy mode!!
    No worries about getting back to everyone, we all know you are super busy, so glad you keep your blog updated!
    *hugs* Hope all is well, that Brad of yours is a darling!! He made me cry!!

  2. 'Dreaming' says:

    I HEAR YA, SISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could have written this entry word for word!!!!

  3. Yay — all three babies are home. Don’t worry about posting… we’ve got your back. Hopefully you’re able to catch 5-10 minute naps throughout the day. I am so happy for you guys 🙂

  4. Leanne says:

    It does get easier…after about four months or so. Or when you can start stretching them and getting a little more sleep in time.

    I obviously don’t have trips but with the twins, I just tried to block stuff together as much as possible, had things set out and ready to go for the next feeding as much as possible. I tried to pump but after six weeks of no sleep, I’d had it and we switched to formula. Best decision for us ever as we finally started getting a little bit more sleep. I just couldn’t keep going that way.

    Good luck to you and the trips tonight!! And congratulations on having them all home! 😀

  5. Raeanne says:

    I agree with Leanne…after about 4 months it DOES get easier. Again, I have twins not triplets, but I am hoping the same holds true for you! I managed to pump for quite a while but my mom lived with us for the first few months and there is no way I could have done it without her! However long you can manage to pump is great, and once you have had enough feel good about the fact you did it at all. I can’t imagine too many triplet moms trying to pump on top of all the rest that you need to do!
    You need sleep to function and although people mean well when they say “sleep when the babies sleep”, moms of multiples know too well that it is rare for all babes to be sleeping at the same time and when they are there is too much to do;) So whenever you can sleep, do it (even if you miss some pumping to do so!!)

    Having multiples IS stressful on a relationship. This too will get better in time. I know 4 mths seems like a far way off now, but time will fly and things will fall into place, I promise.

    Big hugs. YOU are a great momma!

  6. Walter H says:

    Great blog – Just added to you to my list of bookmarks… Thanks

  7. Jimmy Sailer says:

    I have been reading a few posts on here and have picked up some great info. One thing I have found which works really well for better sleep, feeling more relaxed and focused is binaural beats. As strange as they may sound (excuse the pun) they are a very powerful method of relaxation.

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