Survived 1 night with “twins”

The girls, happy to be together again!

The girls, happy to be together again!

Well we did it – we survived night 1 with 2 babies!  It’s actually – dare I say this and totally jynx myself – really easy! The babies are great feeders, alone during the day it takes me 35 minutes to change feed burp, put back to sleep BOTH of them, 35 minutes bam done! And once Benjamin is home, he’s our “quickest” feeder so he wont add in much time to the mix – now this could totally be the calm before the storm who knows – but it’s going SUPER well so far, Im so in love with them, with all my children – how blessed are we to have FOUR healthy wonderful children – wow!

The girls are in LOVE with each other, although Im sure they miss their big brother, he will be home tomorrow at 10am! YAY!!! … It was so weird I put them apart in the crib and the “scoot” to and wiggle their way over to one another, they’re like pretend dolls, you take them apart and they cry – you just stick them side by side and they are completely content – it makes my life easy 🙂

Everyone sleeps through the night – no issues at all, Lauren fussed a little last night – so we gave her an extra bottle and voila she was content 🙂 GREAT feeders!

Bradley is doing well, he really loves his role of big brother- he completely broke my heart though yesterday – it’s bad enough that I bawl my eyes out on my own when I leave Ben at the hospital I had to get this “speech” from Bradley – “well, why did you take Alanna home mommy” … “because she was done growing so she can come home to live with us now”….”I dont want her here, bring her back,”…..”How come?”……”Because (through tears) I dont want Benjamin to be alone at the hospital”….WHOLEY water works….. That just broke my heart… I could cry right now – but we all go to see him tonight, I’ll settle him in to sleep for the night and when we wake up – he comes home 🙂

Let the triplet life start!!!

5 Responses to “Survived 1 night with “twins””
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    They are sooo precious! And bradley is just too sweet!

  2. Leanne says:

    Very cute!! Very cute!!

    I think the hardest thing I have ever done in my life was when we left Twin B in the hospital because Twin A was released. I cried and cried. The nurses were trying to console me but nothing doing!!

    SOon they will all be home together! Congrats!!! 😀

  3. Christie says:

    Definitely have goosebumps…….

    The girls are sooo beautiful and they are so fortunate to have such a loving big brother!!

  4. Val says:

    Bridgey, they are beautiful!!! Im so happy you are getting along well. Just one more left – thats fantastic!

  5. Daphs (BE) says:

    They are absolutely precious! Glad everything is going well and that Benjamin will be home today!!!. Bradley sounds like an amazing big brother (you had me tearing up).

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