1 week old!!!

Chances are – if you’re reading this – you have sent me an email, left me a message or tried to contact me in SOME way and I have not responded. I’m really sorry and I hope to get ontop of ALL messages soon but right now – life with triplets is CRAZY. I didn’t even realize it until my husband said – we should have a party, our babies are 1 week old today, I can’t get over that – it’s already been a week, and really I feel like it’s been 24 hours. 1 week ago at this very time I was shitting my pants (not literally) knowing my C-Section was about to start. Keep your eyes posted because I want to create a separate tab ( see up top) on how the birth went….So again Im sorry – I’m trying hard to keep EVERYONE “in the loop” but until then the babies and myself are priorities – and so will this blog be – so that there will be SOME kind of update – so keep checking, and I promiss one day i’ll be ontop of everything

A little update on the babies:

Lauren.. She was the “champ” of the group, she was a “take home baby” .. She came home on Monday Oct 19th. She’s doing great at home, the perfect little munchkin, she sleeps perfect and rarely ever cries. Infact – she’s only cried once so far, it was last night and it was for all of 30 seconds, so she’s doing fantastic. The hardest thing about her is her feeds aren’t consistent. In the NICU they really pressure you to make sure that the babies finish all of their bottle and within 20-25 minutes. This is tough with her, and I worry sometimes she’s not getting enough – but she’s thriving interms of weight and wet diapers and such so this is good new! She loves her mommy – and I love her very much as well!

Alanna – She is still in the hospital, she is just “waitting time” she’s not really there for any reason other than precautions, she isn’t in the “nicu” anymore she’s in what they call the blue room, basically just waiting for tomorrow (Oct 22nd) when she can come home. She is also a “difficult” feed and we really have to work at getting all of her feedings into her,but besides that she’s great. The only reason why she’s waiting a few extra days is because she threw up once and it got stuck in her throat, they almost had to intervein and suction out the vomit – but she was able to self resolve it. So they want to  take extra precautions and just make sure that she gets how to regurgitate if she has to – so far no issue, so she’ll be home tomorrow. Alanna is so gorgeous ( they all are!) but she looks just like her mommy and she has Bradleys personality to a T. Very big eyes, super alert and happy to just sit there and look around.

Benjamin – He gave us the roughest start, although it wasn’t rough at all for a 34 weeker. Infact everyone continues to tell me what miracles these babies are – you’re telling me !! LOL….Ben has a special place in my heart just beacuse he was the “weakest” (if you can call it that) one. He had an “spell” this is very typical of preemies and what happens is they hold their breath. Sometimes the brain confuses breathing and it “forgets” to breath. Last week Ben forgot to breath and they had to intervene – by stroking his cheek so that  the “hey wake up ” reflex kicked in, and it did so that was great – after they have a “spell” they have to keep them 7 days, if within these 7 days they dont do it again, it shows that the brain has matured and it wont happen again. So far everything has been perfect, and I can see such a difference with him – he’s so much more alert, awake and responsive. He will be coming home on Saturday Oct 24th I can’t wait!

Let me tell you the day I left the hospital with 2 babies behind was one of the hardest – no it WAS/is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But the staff is fantastic and we can call anytime which is nice, and Keith and I always visit so that’s nice, not much longer and everyone will be home!!

As for me – I’m feeling OK. I’m still very sore, still enjoying a nice dose of morphine every once and awhile…. My incision is still very sore and my back is sore from all the epidural/spinal I received. But really it was allll worth it! My swelling is probably the worst part – I can’t even describe to you how swollen I am.

Breastfeeding – believe it or not – is going great. I’m not a “super star” yet, but I’m pumpin about 2 bottles per day – which is a great start I think! My plan now is to just pump bottles.We’ll see what happens – I’m open to whatever happens!

Bradley is doing amazing, it was a little heart breaking for him when we came home – we came in with one baby and he looked behind and said “where are my other babies”… Also last night when Keith and I went to the hospital he started crying because he’s so worried and sensitive about them being in the hospital and unfortunately they dont allow children in the NICU – so he hasn’t been able to meet Alanna and Ben which has been very hard on him. He is an EXCELLENT big brother though – I can’t even believe how gentle, loving caring and soothing he is- wow, I’m SO lucky!

I better run – a million things to do ( and loving it!)

9 Responses to “1 week old!!!”
  1. Kate says:

    So glad to hear you are all doing so well! Thinking about you!

  2. Kerri-Lyn says:

    So sweet about Bradley. In tears here over that one! Thinking of you all often! lots of love to all!!


  3. Loopy says:

    CONGRATS on surviving your first week. Sounds like you’re a pro at this already!
    It’s so great to hear that they will all be home together soon!

  4. Val says:

    so good to hear from you Bridgey! Im glad all is well. Keep us posted.

  5. Kat (babatime) says:

    So glad to hear from you. Thinking of you and your little ones a lot. Its great to hear that you and babies are doing well. A huge hug for big brother Bradley.

    Hugs and love to all.

  6. Raeanne says:

    SO happy to hear your update! I have been checking in to see how you have been doing. I can’t wait to see a picture of the whole crew at home with their big brother.

  7. Christie says:

    I am just sooo happy for your family! Thank you for the update – it is soo good to hear how well things are moving along. Although i have no clue what it would be like to be a mother of 3 newborns, as well as Bradley, i think that staggering them coming home just may give you time to work in a schedule, one day at a time…..as horrendous as it may be to leave them at the hospital!

    Keep up the great work – can’t wait to hear more!

  8. 'Dreaming' says:

    Ummmm…PICTURES?!? We’re all dying to see them…post pics soon!!

    PS – Glad all went well!

  9. Midnite says:

    So glad to hear everything is going well… before you know it you all will be together at home and hustling and bustling about…. Great job there Mommy!!! and Daddy of course.

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