No sleep for me.

Wow –  only 2 sleeps left. This is getting too exciting to handle! AND – to top it all off my sister in law had her baby last night, around 10:30. So I couldn’t sleep because of that…

Today Im going to the hospital to meet her and her new little baby Elanna ( yes she stole 98% of our name – Alanna – lol, but it’s a great name I can’t blame her) she delivered at the same hospital that I’m going to be delivering at in  just 48 hours. I know everyone there, because I practically live there with appointment and I can’t wait to see everyone’s face when they see me coming trolling along- omigod you’re in labour QUICK QUICK…hahah NOPE! Just here to see my little niece in law! I haven’t heard first hand yet but apparently she had a fantastic labour and only had to push for 28 minutes, lucky girl! We got to speak to her throughout her labour too, which I thought was fun – I haven’t really had anyone close to me deliver a baby before so it was really exciting for me. And of course I couldn’t sleep all night because I was worried and wondering – if it was up to me, I’d be on the way to the hospital now lol! (it’s 6am!)

Bradley also decided to “Freak out” last night not sure why? We were lying with him in my bed and he just started SCREAMING insanely and then vomiting profusely all over the place, so that also put a little bit of a damper on the sleep front. Keith gets so mad and angry when Brad cries – I dont know if every guy is like this or not? – But it sure makes me angry, poor little  guy is vomiting everywhere – which YES sucks but no need to get angry, I’m sure Brad wasn’t doing it on purpose. ANYWAYS

The babies are huge. they lie generally with their back against my tummy and it feels like I could just tip over and the whole baby would fall out! I can feel them 100%, So I have a pretty decent idea of how big they are going to be when they are born. I’m pretty convinced we wont have a single one under 4 1/2 lbs. Can you imagine, I dont know how I did it – but I’m so happy I did. It’s not everyday you see 3 triplets all above 4.5lbs! I believe the average birth weight of triplets is only 3.5lbs!

As I was driving home yesterday ( yes I still drive sometimes) I saw a mother pushing her daughter along in a wheel chair, she was about 10 years old. I almost needed to pull over and cry. We still dont know 100% if these triplets will be healthy or not – we know they’ve had the best possible womb experience, they look completely perfect via ultrasound – but they could still have a genetic disorder that is completely uncontrollable to us – but chances are in our favour that everything is perfect. So I was thinking, can you imagine, our family has really been put to the test for me to carry high order multiples, and the chances of us delivering three healthy babies,a long with 1 healthy boy at home is pretty good – what kind of blessing is that? Now I’m not very religious – but to me that’s a miracle, we are so so so fortunate to have been blessed with this scenario.

I’m a little paranoid about going into labour within the next 48 hours lol. I see the finish line and I want to get there. Keith says who cares if you go into labour you’ve made it this far – but I care. I want to walk into my csection not in labour – and say I’ve made it! What a reward that’ll be. I think the hardest part, and I have NO IDEA how I’ll do this is no eating after midnight. That’s impossible. Last night after midnight I had an oreo ice cream sandwich, 2 kashi bars and apple – and right now Im STARVING, off to eat peanut butter and banana toast after this. IT’ll be a rough night. My plan is to eat protein for like 6 hours straight before midnight lol….

So – The idea is that I stay in the hospital for 4 days following the operation. I hope hope hope that at the end of those 4 days at least one baby gets to come home with me. You have know idea what that would mean to me, to leave the  hospital with a baby … now that would be a blessing, will it happen? I dont know? But I can hope, and if these  babies are anything like their mother they’ll make a fast bounce back! Some of the nurses even think they will ALL be take home babies, but I think that’s being a bit ambitious!

Oh Crap – I just realized that I’m going to need a method to know “who is who”….

4 Responses to “No sleep for me.”
  1. BE says:

    I cannot believe that you are only hours away from meeting your lilttle ones!! I hope everything goes well. I cannot wait to read/hear the announcement. Enjoy the protein binge :-p.
    Be xx

  2. Kerri-Lyn says:

    So excited for you chickie!! You did it!!

    Way o go team!

    XO KL

  3. Amanda (avanderheide) says:

    One idea I have seen to remember who is who, is to mark 1, 2, or 3 dots on the bottom of their toes to indicate baby A, B, or C. You could use permanent marker, and just be sure to re-apply every few days or after a bath!

    Good luck on Wednesday. We can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  4. Leanne says:

    you’ll know. No one else will, but you will! lol Everyone said our twins were identical but I knew exactly who was who. Besides you can leave their hospital bracelets on for a little while! 😉 And then when you’re feeling confident take them off. OR use nail polish for the girls. 😉

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