I haven’t whined in awhile….

rugh – this is ROUGH. Today I hurt everywhere – you name it, it hurts. I can tell the babies are fed up too. I think deciding that 34 weeks and 2 days was a good time for delivery, the poor babes just have no room I feel them hitting and grinding against each other and I just know they are not comfortable anymore. My back is killing my bum (under the cheeks) is killing me ( I must have some “under developed” muscles in there…aka fat there) my pubic bone hurts, my everything hurts. But the good news is – today is almost done so only another 4 full days to get through and then they are here. I just find it weird that Im having 3 babies at once, it’s just weird.

I’m starting to get paranoid about delivery again – But I’ve decided I’m not going to die. lol. That’s what I was so afraid of – I have 4 wonderful children I cannot die, therefore I will not die. I’m a strong person and I’ll get through it. I’m not even that afraid of the spinal anymore. What to know why? It’s sad but my legs are SO SO SO sore, honestly when I walk I shake it’s like carrying around 40lbs in your hands everywhere you go my whole body shakes – anyways as soon as my legs go numb it will be HEAVEN. (See I dont need to die, I’ll have heaven on earth lol)…So spinal not so scared of. I’m not looking forward to the stupid catheter (Ew.Ew. EW.) When I had it with Brad it always felt like I had to pee SOOOO bad, I just wanted that damn thing out – so Im suspecting it’ll be the same again. Also I’m not a fan of tight anything let alone things one my legs, and I get to wear these lovely tensor socks that go from ankle to hip – to prevent my blood from clotting. That’s going to make me feel so EW. AND I have to wear them for 2 days.

I’m going to miss blogging too, I’m going to try and give Keith a run down tonight on “1-2-3 easy blogging” but no guarantees. My BB works well with wordpress though so I’ll send a quick update to let everyone know weights, status, and that of course – I’m alive!

This is it folks – like it’s all down here from here…Tonight date with Keith, Tomorrow Thanksgiving chez moi (ps I made a turkey today, not sure how I managed that?), Sunday thanksgiving at the cousins, Mondays thanksgiving at the inlaws..Tuesday – well I’ll just be a basket case of list making that day – and Wednesday well D DAY!! Keith admitted yesterday that he’s having an emotional breakdown….he made it very clear it was not a mental break down – but emotional. I think he’s going through what women go through – you know the “how will I love another kid..or 3..like I love my first kid”…It’s rough and I think Im there now – but he’s only just beginning that process. He also feels stressed because he has to provide for 5 mouthes – that’s tough, and there’s a lot on his shoulders so I feel for him for that. I think tonight will be a nice night for him and I to be together poor guy.

We dont have a car yet – ya I knew that’d happen. Whatever – he says he waiting for this white one (that I’ve previously spoke about) to drop in price…so I’m not saying a word he’s the car dude, I’ll let him deal with it – we’ll manage to get home I’m sure.

I’m getting little gifts lined up for Bradley. He is going to have one “Surprise” bag from each baby – (I’ll tell them it came out of my belly with them ….)

  1.  Benjamin is getting 4-5 hot wheels and some other “dollar store” type things
  2. Alanna is getting him this huge magnetic board that’s a “Thomas theme” along with many Thomas magnets
  3. Lauren is getting him several books (calliou as the main theme – who he LOVES now?) and a toothbrush he wants ..(he’s crazy about it…dont ask?!)
  4. I’d like to get something from mommy for him being SUCH a good boy during this pregnancy so I’m getting a “Singing” card and a gift – which I haven’t decided on yet!

Now I dont want to forget Keith. So I’m buying him a card with a LCBO or Beer Store gift certificate inside – because I’m sure he’ll need a beer or two over the next few weeks 🙂

SIDENOTE>> GAH! My phones ringing I’m telling you the god darn thing NEVER stops ringing and I cant walk.

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