Last OB appointment

That’s it. It’s done – last OB appointment, last scan, last nurses check up- it’s all down to the wire now… whoa!


Next drive to the hospital will be to have me some babies!

….Im happy it was the last appointment, my ultrasound was HELL. It was about 1 hour – the lady was an absolute WITCH. She didn’t say one word the whole time except that Baby B isn’t moving. I wasn’t at all paranoid, I know these babies and I know whats going on – once every 2 weeks I get hungry as a bear, or a pack of bears and the babies movements slow down and they grow, just like a baby when it has a growth spurt – nd I know that’s whats going on right now….I know she’s an u/s tech and she HAS to see a certain amount of movement but she hurt me. She decided it was OK to push full force CONTINUALLY on all the babies with her hand, forearms whatever she felt like to get them to move.  This scared the shit out of me , I really wasn’t impressed but her one and only comment was – “everythings okay”..good grief!….Anyways once we saw the report I was happy to know each baby scored 100% it was just like she wanted to torture me a little or something – no idea but the babies certainly didn’t appreciate her – nor did I.

We didn’t get weights today – but we’re hoping for each baby to be about 4.5lbs (or more!)  at delivery – that would be ideal. So fingers crossed!! Each baby was 100% for everything – MOVEMENT (grr), tone, breathing etc…

Whats likely in my uterus this week

14lbs of baby

6lbs of placenta

6lbs amnotic fluid

26lbs of baby junk! WHOA!

Heres the real kicker – my cervix. ( I know you guys love reading about it lol) …. I was totally cool, ready, prepapred, HOPEFUL for her to say – oh wow look you’re 2cms dilated or whatever – NOPE – oh weird- you’re cervix length went UP…. UP!!! How does it go up?… I started at 5 ( which is remarkable in itself, they like to see a normal cervix between 3-4) then I went down to like 3.8 last week and then this week I was back up to 4.5 – IMAGINE! Most folks have had the triplets by now – and my cervix goes up…wtf…Anyways these babies wouldn’t even come out if I was at 40 weeks…. so Im happy I have a section scheduled in SIX days/ seven nights ! …….Hurray!

Everything with me is perfect – I was told I was miraculous by my ob – that was really nice.

I also asked about NICU stay – we’re hoping for take home babies – BUT worse case scenario 12 days in the NICU – of which I’ll be there for 4 – so at most 8 nights apart – that’s not too too bad!

Well Im exhausted I can’t sleep anymore so Im going to try and sleep now. I also think it’s high time for some ice cream – it’s 11:22 and I haven’t had any yet 😛


OHHH I’m pretty sure we’re buying the white Denali today – will post more about this after – to me I’ve decided that’s my trophy! I can’t wait for it!

2 Responses to “Last OB appointment”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    You deserve that and so much more!


  2. You ARE the baby queen. OMG how in the heck did you make it this far w/ trips? Unheard of.

    Enjoy your ice cream, queen. You deserve a gallon and the new denali, and then some.


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