Wishing and Hoping…

Okay – so maybe I’m a very bad mommy for wishing this – but i’m not too far away from 34 weeks ( 5 days) and I want these babies OUT. I love them dearly and I want them to be as big as possible and as healthy as possible, but I do have some feelings towards my own personal body – which for the last 33 weeks and 2 days has been completly taken over by these parasites ( OBs words not mine) and I’m getting really really worn down. It’s been easy up until this point to be positive but now I hurt when I sit, I hurt when I lay down, I hurt in the bathtub, I hurt when I move, I hurt when I’m still – there is NO compromise left – and for that reason I am handing these little parasites – or I guess babies would be a nicer word – their evection – but here’s the sad part……

Although I’ve had a ton of “promising” contractions today – I have been “blessed” or “cursed” which ever way you choose to look at it – with this “wonderful” cervix – it just wont open. It wouldn’t matter if I was in full blown labour it still wouldn’t open, so the likelihood of these babies listening to their eviction notice is very unlikely. I think they would happily stay there until 40 weeks. I was SO sure I was going to go into my OBs office tomorrow and say “listen Mr – you’re not taking these babies out next week Im going to 35 weeks” – that’s not quite the case anymore – infact I’m going to ask him if he’s busy on his lunch break tomorrow and if he’d like to deliver triplets lol!!!… ahhh man – we’re almost there.

(Alanna has hiccups as I write – this girl is crazy I tell you she ALWAYS has hiccups!)

So if you know me, you know Im organized and loved lists -It helps me to have lists – to be organized – to have a game plan. And now with limited days left I’ve put the “game plan” into place….

Tuesday( today) Keith is home at 1:00 so that provides me company for the day – I plan on getting gifts for Bradley from each baby – that can be given to him when he arrives at the hospital and meets his brother and sisters – Im hoping keith can taxi me around today to get this stuff… I can’t find any logistical way that I can safely fit behind a steering wheel.

Wednesday– my dad is joining me and we’re baking pumpkin pies all day yummm! Im in a baking mood and may bake up a whole bunch of other stuff too – this will be a baking day!

Thursday I’m on my own – this will likely be a lonnnng day.

FridayMy dad is over for the afternoon and we’re preparing turkey and food for Thanksgiving ( yes Im hosting thanksgiving at my house, and yes I am crazy.. 5 days before csection!) Friday night – romantic last date night with keith – can’t wait!!!!! Speaking of which – I think I should make reservations to the Keg!

Saturday– Folks are coming over to celebrate thanksgiving (Dad, Mamere C, M’oncle Ron, Father in law, Step-Mother in law, Grandma in law – and our crew!)

Sunday – Off to a cousins on my moms side for their thanksgiving dinner

Monday – Off to my other mother in law ( no not from a different husband lol) for her thanksgiving dinner

( can you say gobble gobble – I’ll be a stuffed turkey literally ready for carving on Wednesday lol!)

Tuesday– THIS is going to be loooongg all by myself all day – I’ll have to find something to do .. manicure pedicure maybe? Suggestions? The proposal comes out this night so I plan on renting it to keep me busy while I’m SURE I wont be sleeping

Wednesday- D DAY – WOW!!!

So there you have it – the countdown really is on. 7 full days left – imagine. 


I think I need a new belly picture!

2 Responses to “Wishing and Hoping…”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    You can do it beautiful!!! Enjoy all your festivities! Can’t wait to meet the threesome!


  2. Val says:

    Yes – new belly pic please!! I am so excited for you. Be proud you have made it this far, your eviction is long awaited!!! I dont think I could have held on this far if I were in your shoes!!

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