Whoa Nelly

I can’t believe it – 11 days. That’s it just 11 days. That’s not a lot of days. 11 of them. ELEVEN DAYS.

(of course my way of counting differs from Keith’s because he swears its 13 days, but I dont count today or the day of the section…so that’s that)… 11 DAYS. WOW.

I’m starting to freak. Seeing 3 of everything around here has got me starting to shake a little. How on earth are we going to manage this? THREE BABIES? What have we done? How on earth am I going to survive with three babies AND a preschooler….hmph?

I can already feel some tension brewing between Keith and I. He thinks I’m a super hero or something. Maybe he thinks I have extra arms stored in the closet that I bring out when he goes to work or something? (And I dont incase you’re wondering) We went from saying okay we’ll have a nanny here half days to help me – excellent. Then I thought you know what MAYBE just MAYBE I can do it on my own, so I suggested we wait a month and see how things are going and then decide if we need a nanny or not. Then because Brad is doing SO well at his Montessori and LOVING it I thought HEY – I know lets send Brad to Montiessori  and I’ll stay home alone with the triplets, I think I can manage that – 3 babies and one preschooler IN SCHOOL, I’ll be okay. WELL – his new thinking is Brad is staying home AND we’re not getting a nanny. Ya well you and I and everyone reading this knows its impossible ( Keith doesn’t read this – bum.) Anyways it wont work. I can’t manage that by myself. I might as well be octo-mom. I’ll win this battle dont you worry!

Also – he is only taking 3 days off after the birth. He’s giving me a day for each baby basically. I’m still really REALLY pissed about this.

While Im on the complaining front. I found a Yukon. The shitty part is I can’t actually buy it because it’s through auctions and dealers and blah blah you need connections and what not –  do you think Mr.Unmotivated can get motivated and buy the damn thing…nope. So we’re probably going to loose this deal and then god knows when we’ll find another one like we need. (Having 4 children is like special needs for configuration and what not of the vehicle) ANYWAYS….11 days – ya tick tock. He thinks “oh we’ll just rent a van” but to me, it’s like throwing away money – I ‘d rather put the $500/month into a car payment then by essentially throwing it away from renting a car. Men are SO not organized. No wonder all male wedding planners are a little flamboyant – their the best!

Speaking of organization, I feel organized – I’m doing well here’s what I’ve accomplished:

  1. Brads Halloween costume is ordered (thank you papere!) and should arrive in a few days – he wanted to be a bat, but for the life of me I couldn’t find a nice bat costume – so his second choice was a clown – so this is what we’ve ordered – He is going to go to a Halloween costume store and buy some accories it with his papere – and he’s getting a horn, like a real bike horn — ahh I think it’ll be too funny! Here’s the exact costume we orderd:




2. I’ve completed my Christmas shopping list WAHOO!! I figure I wont be able to make it to the mall this year so I’ve pre-done all my online shopping and have it all organized by “online store” with links and what not so all I have to do it pay and the merchandise will come – voila Christmas is COMPLETE!

3.  I have all the goods for Halloween lined up and the little bags, and Brad and my activity today is to put all the bags together, put them in a tub and store them until Halloween comes, that way all of our halloween handouts are ready

4. I’ve completed the “triplet agenda” (Thank you for your help Cheryl!)where we will keep track of eating/pooping/sleeping – all that babies really do right?

So it’s good – I’m pretty organized. I also think – I know it’s early and I neighbours might think we’re a little scare crazy, and Keith probably will put up a HUGE fight about this, but I think we’ll set up our Halloween decorations this weekend, that way it’s done and ready to go – I want everything to be as natural for Brad as possible and as easy for us as possible returning home with the babies.

Three Babies. Eleven Days. Holy shit. >>> This random phrase circulates through my head a few times a day…

So to finish on a funny note

I’ve pretty much learned to NOT get into the triplet conversation with ANY stranger because then it becomes a 20 minute conversation that I dont really care to have – nor can I stand ( literally) for that long – so I just avoid it at all costs. (This is the reason itself why I dont pick up Brad from school, although I am today and dreading it – because people stop and talk FOREVER….anyways) So I’ve been enjoying some white hot chocolates from Starbucks lately – and I go into the store order up me order and head over to the barrista to pick it up –  She casually says “must be any day now”…And sort of truthfully I say “Yes two more weeks” ( even though Im not “due” until end Nov I figure this will alleviate some questions). She looks at me as if I was the Mona Lisa studying me very carefully and then raises her eyebrows and say WOW well then that must be an enormous baby. I casually say yes – about 12lbs and walk away….TOO FUNNY! I bet she told all her friends she served some chick with a 12lbs baby – Keith said I should have said yes it’s 12lbs has 3 heads and 6 arms and legs hahah!!

Ohhh one last thing. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment – Im very excited about this. I scheduled this appointment about 7 weeks ago, not thinking I’d even make it to this point and that I’d have to cancel it – but here I am I’m going. Im not doing anything drastic with the cut, same style- but no more blond. I’ll have some blond, but mostly brown, I just wont be able to afford the time to go in about 7 weeks to get it re-done and roots drive me MAD….so for now although it may not be as sexy as blond, It’ll work for a mom of triplets 😛

One Response to “Whoa Nelly”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    Had to read this one to one of the girls I work with! LMAO!! You’re too funny! 12 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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